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Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Top eBay Moments This Week

If I was worried about things slowing down a bit last week, I needn't have. I had 52 sales this week!! I did have a couple customers buy several jars of shoe cream in one order, so I guess that's why my quantity is so high.

18 of those sales were shoes. 3 haven't been paid for yet. I had 2 unpaid item cases open this week. One paid, the other still hasn't. Another one will probably be opening today. Sigh.

The highlights:

I bought this coat as a part of the huge lot of Gymboree I bought back in February. I paid well under a dollar for it. I was glad to see it finally go this week for $23.99! (I have another in a toddler size 3 if anyone's interested.)

I love Vision Ware. I have a full set of saucepans that I use every day. I used to sell it ALL the time, but it's really time-consuming to package, so I'm trying to move away from it except the biggest pieces. But they still call out to me and I still buy them. Then, when one sells and I'm packaging it and muttering under my breath, I'm reminded of why I said I wouldn't buy them anymore.

My sister-in-law picked this up for me. She handed it over with several bins of other stuff, but she forgot her receipts that day. Imagine my dismay when I saw that she paid $12.xx for it. Even moreso when I looked this particular pan up and saw that they don't sell well. And then imagine my relief when she gave me the receipt and I realized it was half off! I paid $6.45 for it in May and sold it this week for $24.99. And yep - packaging was just as time-consuming as I remembered. Didn't help that I had to cobble a box together (and messed that up and had to redo it), and that I ran out of packing peanuts halfway through filling the box and had to use shredded newspaper for the rest.... And guess what I bought at Goodwill a couple days ago.

Interesting story about these. I found them in the bottom of our own shoe bin. We had 2 pairs of cowgirl boots in the same size, a pink pair and a brown/pink pair. So the pink ones got listed. Add that to your BOLO (Be On the LookOut) list: pink Circo cowgirl boots. Yes, Circo. Target. People want these. But anyway, I also had a smaller size that I sold awhile back for my full asking price of $24.99. I priced these the same and kept getting really low offers. Yeah, the toe was scuffed, but still ... I had decided I was going to lower the price to $19.99 and remove the Best Offer option. But before I got around to it, I received an offer for $7. Come on. So I countered with $15. I came down TEN dollars. She countered $7.50. I countered $15 and told her that was the lowest I was willing to go. She wrote me a note, asking if I was sure I wouldn't come down on the price, considering they were scuffed. I wrote back and explained that I had already come down $10 specifically because they were scuffed. They sold the next morning to someone else for my full asking price of $24.99 :-D   So there.

Also in the huge lot of Gymboree clothes that I bought back in February was this pile of stuff with small stains on them. I was going to put them in our next yard sale, but I decided to list them as play clothes instead. I took very detailed pictures of each and every stain and was sure to point them all out in the listing. Again, I paid well under a dollar a piece (I'm thinking it worked out to around 30-35 cents per piece) and they sold this week for $29.99. If you can get them super-cheap like that, don't be afraid of a few small stains.

I bought this vintage soldering gun back in May. I paid $8.47 for it. That's a lot for something I didn't have a CLUE about. And then there it sat for 3 1/2 months. I finally dragged it out, had my husband test it, and I sorted through all the miscellany that was included. I listed it the other day for $39.99 or best offer. I was being optimistic, because the only other ones that had sold recently didn't go above $14.99. But they were either the gun only, or the gun and case. No extras. I accepted an offer the next day for $30! I could probably have squeezed a few more bucks out of it if I'd have waited, but I'm quite happy with $30.

I bought this back in October for 99 cents. It's unopened, and it's a Normal Rockwell design. This particular design was nowhere to be found, going back a full year on Terapeak, so I priced it really high ($89.99obo with free shipping). There it sat for almost a year with nothing - no watchers, no offers, and very few hits. Finally a couple weeks ago, I lowered my price to $59.99obo with free shipping. I got a $40 offer from a buyer in Russia. That makes me a little nervous. I don't hear much of anything good about shipping to Russia, but I took the offer anyway. I'll insure it with U-Pic (assuming my buyer pays!) and hope for the best.

Last but not least, I paid $2.99 for these Naots in February. ALWAYS pick up Naots. I had them listed for $89.99 obo. I had intended to lower the price to $50 fixed price, but I forgot. I received an offer for $51.20 this week , so I jumped on that one!

What'd you sell this week?


  1. Wow! I'm always psyched to see your posts! Great job!
    I sell a lot of the stitchery items (charts, kits, etc) from my old collections and have sold several kits to Russia. I have never had a problem with any one of the transactions so hopefully you'll have the same luck.
    Never, ever would have thought clothes w/ stains would sell! If I ever come across a great deal I'll keep that in mind.

  2. Nice sales!! Cowboy boots for little girls & Boys always seem to sell for a pretty penny! We have that Pink pair still in the box in the closet! I will have to list them. Thanks!

  3. I learn something new from each one of your posts. I think I may start putting together a list of items to look for in my iPhone to refer to when I'm out thrifting/yard saling.

    Amy @ Coupon Tipster

  4. My best sale was a set of Monopoly drapes I picked up at Goodwill a few weeks ago for $5.96. They've got chance cards, money and Mr. Monopoly pattern all over them and I think they're from 1986. After a few relists, they sold for $70.00. There were none of these to be found on eBay at all, so the price was a shot in the dark. I was so happy when they finally sold!