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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fantastic Finds Friday

We want to hear all about your Fantastic Finds! This features isn't about your exciting sales. It's about your exciting finds! There are so many places to find inventory: your closet, your garage, a yard sale, thrift stores, a consignment item you're selling for someone else. What did you find this week that you are excited about? It can be something you're excited to get listed OR something you're excited to keep! You can even post to your listing, if you'd like. Free advertising!


I truly enjoyed my vacation last week and am s-l-o-w-l-y getting back to my eBay.  I say slowly because right now I'm preparing for a hurricane heading up my way as well as getting back into school mode for my boys.  I'm excited though because I have a lot of inventory to work on and once my kids are back in school it's so much easier for me to get into my "zone"!

My find this week is a Nativity Playset by Fisher-Price.  Last year I got my hands on a similar one that I sold on Amazon for around $50.

Nativity sets like these are very popular, especially around the holidays (if you can imagine that).  This particular set I have is available on Amazon for $59.99 on up brand new.  There are no used ones listed.  I will list mine on eBay where they are available for $35 on up.  I still have to inspect and take pictures but I plan on doing that today.  Now is the best time to list any seasonal favorites being winter coats, boots and Halloween costumes. 

Happy eBaying!

All day yesterday, I thought it was Wednesday. So now I'm all messed up. I didn't get out much this week. I hit Goodwill on Saturday and that's it. There aren't even any good yard sales in the paper today :(  I didn't even find anything fantastic. I got a Notre Dame Cathedral Puzz 3-D for $1.99, but on my first count, I'm short 2 pieces. I'll recount it this weekend. Mine is the one of the actual building (not just the ceiling, and not the one with the explosion on it ... ???) If it's complete, I should be able to get $30-40 for it. Also got a Wilton Batman pan for $2.99, a small Pyrex cinderella bowl for 99c, and 3 pairs of shoes.

What did you find this week? Anything exciting?


  1. I found this cute Lenox Halloween Kitty and Jack O'Lantern. It was in a mixed bag of stuff picked up at GW for $3. Searching ebay and the rest of the internet I can't find that particular one so I'm hoping it is desirable.

  2. I'm selling the same Nativity set on ebay right now at auction. Unfortunately the lights and music doesn't work, but for $2 it was worth buying. It's at $26.00 currently with 16 watchers and ends on Sunday!

  3. Found a pair of Borns at a yard sale for 50 cents. They are in great shape too!

  4. I found a 3-D Notre Dame puzzle too! New in shrink wrap!!! I looked it up while I was at the sale and thought it would sell for about $60. When I got home I looked it up and discovered mine is a different brand and should sell for a little over $100. YEAH!