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Friday, August 5, 2011

My Top eBay Moments This Week

I missed getting this post up yesterday. I was gallavanting about Virginia and didn't even give it a thought.

I had 46 sales in the past week! It was an amazing week! I think I've been really lucky - it seems like my summer slump came to an end early. I got 1 return and 2 unpaid item cases. Seems like I'm having to open a lot of them lately, but I guess that comes with the territory of selling more.

I had some great sales this week, and I had a really hard time narrowing it down to my favorites, but here they are:

2 weeks ago, I sold a large plush Fievel for a crazy amount. This week, I sold the comforter. It was in awful condition (pilled, faded, stuffing balled up in the corners, a small tear), but I wasn't able to find any of them ANYWHERE, so I mentioned all of that in my description and listed it crazy high with a best offer. This buyer and I communicated back several times over the course of a week or so before s/he finally made an offer I accepted. I paid $2 for it at a yard sale in June, and took an offer for $50! Even got feedback already: "Excellent product. Great seller. A+++++"

This one makes me laugh. I imagine the kind wife who bought this to make for her husband to hang up in his man cave. I assured my husband that I won't be making him provocative woman latch hook rugs for his mancave, and I think he was ok with that. I paid $1 for it at a yard sale in June and sold it for my full asking price of $39.99 + shipping.

When I was road tripping at my sister-in-law's in July, I deliberately passed over these Keens, because they just looked a little too worn to me. While I was in a different part of town on day 2 of my trip, she and my oldest went out shopping and thought I had missed them, so she bought them for me. I had to laugh when they sold within 2 days. I paid $4.90 for them and sold them for $30.

I think I blogged about this game when I first bought it for $3 at a yard sale back in July. I had a few watchers in the early days, but no offers. I listed it for $49.99obo. I had a prospective buyer ask me to give him a detailed description of the condition of all the pieces, which I did of course. He thanked me and told me he wanted one in near mint condition, but in the meantime, mine would do. So he offered me
$40 and I promptly accepted. It was a bugger to ship though - that box was BIG!

This was another fast sale. I paid $3.75 for it in July and sold it within a week of listing, for my full asking price of $39.99. I LOVE finding Revere Ware!

Not to be outdone by the skillet, my stockpot sold the same day to a different buyer. Paid $6.90, accepted a $49 offer. Yay!

What were your favorite sales this week?


  1. Wow, what a great week for you! Unfortunately I was under the weather and didn't get anything listed!

  2. How long do you give people until you file an unpaid claim? I have a couple of items that I haven't received payment for.

  3. Cindy - bummer! Hope you're feeling better this week!

    Anonymouse: My listings say payment is expected within 3 days. I send them a second invoice on day 3. Then at the end of day 4, I have my unpaid item assistant set to automatically file. That gives them 4 more days. So they get 4 days to pay before I file, then 4 more days after that before the case closes and they get a strike.

  4. I had an ok week I sold a lot of vtg tomy furniture for $34.99 with free shipping ($7.15) and I finally sold one of my care Bear blankets for $22 to Canada. My other sales are up on my blog