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Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Top eBay Moments This Week

This week was a little slower than last week as far as number of sales, but I had a higher average sales price, so financially, it was still a good week. I had 24 sales over the past week, 11 of which were shoes. One cancelled, and I am still waiting for 3 others to pay. I had 2 unpaid item cases close and another 2 open. So frustrating! I'm strongly leaning toward doing away with Best Offer altogether and requiring immediate payment on everything. Ugh! But, moving on ...

This week's highlights:

Of course there were these beauties. I already wrote about them here. I paid $3.90 for them in May, finally listed them this week and sold them for $25 just a couple hours after listing them!

I sold one of these for $24 back in January (5 days after listing it), so I was happy to find another for $3.99 in June. It sat a little longer, but I finally sold it this week for my full asking price of $29.99 to a buyer in Switzerland. I do love my international buyers!

Speaking of international buyers, I had both pairs of these Josef Seibels listed in a multi-variation listing. Same style, same size, just different colors. 5 days after listing, a Canadian buyer sent me a message that she wanted both pairs and was looking for a combined shipping rate. I was happy to oblige! She bought and paid for them the same day, but then asked me to lie on the customs form! I told her I couldn't do that, she understood, and we continued the transaction. I paid $3 for one pair and $4 for the other at a Goodwill in Virginia last week. Sold for $35 each!

This week was full of fast sales! I've had these laying around since May and just got around to listing them 2 days ago. (Hey - what can I say? I have a severe backlog, but I'm working on it...) They sold the next day for $40. I did pay a little more for these than I usually do ($10.90) and I'm sure I could have gotten a few dollars more for them, but I'm always happy with a fast and fairly high sale!

This one wasn't a fast sale, but it was my favorite. Technically, they sold on July 20th, but I didn't mention it at the time because I hadn't gotten paid yet. These were an Amazon gold box deal of the day back in October. I bought 3 pairs for $89.07 and immediately sold a pair to a buyer in Greece for my full asking price of $97.99! So that paid for the purchase of all three pairs. But then the other 2 pairs just sat there, no questions, no offers, nothing. I was recently contemplating lowering my price a bit, but in July I got a message from a buyer in the Czech Republic who wanted both my last 2 pairs if she could pay on August 10. I told her sure, but I didn't expect to actually see that money. Well lo and behold, guess what I woke up to this morning?  I paid $89.07 for all 3 pairs and sold them all for $293.97 total!

What were your favorites this week?

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  1. I bought an old mother of pearl quill pen in the original box at an estate sale for about $2.00. It sold for $76.00. I think it was civil war era.