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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ugly Sells!

Back in May, my sister-in-law delivered a couple tubs of shoes to me that she had picked up over the previous weeks. Mostly, she sticks to my list, but every now and then, she ventures out on her own and tries a new brand. She gave me a pair that had me rolling on the floor with laughter because they were so hideous!!  I said, "Who in the world is ever going to buy those???"  She laughed and said, "I don't know. I think they're probably just ugly enough to be a really good seller!" 

So I tossed them on my to-be-listed shelf and forgot about them for 3 months. Yesterday, they ended up in the day's listing bin. I pulled them out and laughed again. I did a search for them and saw that they have a 0% sell through rate (even in New condition), but I listed them anyway. Well guess what ... they sold after only a couple of hours. I suppose the size helped (they are 11 wide), but it's just more proof that ugly sells.

Check out these other ugly listings (obviously "ugly" is subjective, so I apologize if you like any of these):

Now of course, these are all top-name fashion designers, which makes them expensive AND ugly. But my point is ... don't pass over something just because it's ugly. It just might be ugly enough to sell well!


  1. I would have had the same reaction as you, if my sister brought those in! It really is hard to see past ugly, designer or not, and I am sure that has kept me from some great sales!

  2. Your SIL has good instincts! You can tell those shoes are well made, ugly or not. What gets me is the prices on those other shoes and they have bids! (fanning myself) Yikes! Recession or not, there are people out there who have money to spend. Let's go and get'em!

  3. Ummmm.... I love them all! I've got earrings that match those black ones. The picture shoes, yep love those... guess you know what my taste is right?