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Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Top eBay Moments This Week

It's been a weird week on eBay. I had a crazy buyer email me that she would be returning a pair of shoes because "these shoes are beautiful, but they don't fit". I asked her if she compared the measurements in the listing to the measurements of a pair of shoes she already owns. She sent me back a picture comparing my shoes with her shoes, and a note that said, "Your shoes are in a folder with my antique furniture."  I don't have any idea with that could possibly mean, but I'm still cracking up laughing about it a week later.  Anyway, I told her I'd accept the shoes, but that I would be charging a 20% restocking fee. Then she opened a SNAD (Significantly Not As Described) case against me! Paypal put a hold on that money. I went into my account and read the case details. Her complaint was: "These shoes are my size, but they are not as comfortable as the ones I already own." Ummm... That's hardly a SNAD. So I called Paypal. The representative read the complaint and laughed out loud. She denied the buyer's claim and released my money. It was over and done with in less than 5 minutes. I sent my buyer a message with my shipping address and told her if she wanted to return them, I'd refund her purchase price less the restocking fee. I haven't heard a word from her since, so I guess she decided to keep them?

I also had a buyer complain that the boots she bought from me were uncomfortable, so they are on their way back to me too. Ugh.

I just got this positive feedback on a pair of practically new tap shoes: "Item was a bit hard and stiff"  Sigh. What the heck. At least it was a positive.

And I'm in the middle of a situation with the most whacked-out buyer I've ever had. But that's a story for a separate post.

Anyway, I had 42 sales this week. 17 pairs of shoes and 1 pair of ice skates. I didn't have to open any unpaid item cases this week. Hooray! My list of favorite sales is long this week. I had a lot that made me smile for one reason or another:

I bought a Nintendo lot at a yard sale last month for $15. It included 25 games, the system, 2 controllers, the gun, and all the necessary cords. The system doesn't work, but apparently people buy them anyway, fix them and resell them. I broke it up into 3 listings: the 3 Mario games, the system and accessories, and the other 22 games. I listed the system and 22 games at auction, but I put the 3 Mario games on fixed price with best offer. I accepted an offer for $23 this week. They are going to the United Arab Emirates. That's different.

I sold a Gymboree peacoat last week and mentioned here that I had it in a size 3T also, if anyone was interested. Apparently someone was, because it sold this week too. Paid less than a dollar for it (in that huge lot I bought for $300 in February) and sold it for $23.99. I was a little bummed to see that I forgot to turn the free shipping off, but I got it into a flat rate envelope, so it's ok.

New latch hook kits always do well for me. They don't sell quickly, but they sell pretty high. I paid $3.15 for this one back in May and took an offer for $25 the other day.

The broken NES system and accessories sold at auction for $27. If you're keeping track, the 3 games and the system/accessories sold for $50 total ($15 invested, and 22 games left to sell. They didn't sell at auction the first go-round, but I had 9 watchers, so I relisted them this week).

I bought these Birks while I was out shopping with Lesley. She picked them up off the shelf and literally threw them back down and said, "Oh gross! Those are disgusting!"  Well ... I'm not one to let a little shoe crud deter me. I snatched them up and said, "Yeah, but they're Birks!" I paid $1.50 for them, and they cleaned up pretty nicely, wouldn't you say? Sold for $30 this week!

I love these Clarks. I priced them at $35 instead of my usual $25, just because I liked them more and thought they were pretty. How's that for a business-like pricing strategy? I paid $7.90 in July and sold them for $35.

Just the other day, I declared that I would never buy another Polaroid, because I've never sold any, and the ones I have in stock are taking up space. Then I sold this a few days later, at my full asking price. Paid $2.11 in April, sold for $39.99!

Remember the Revere Ware I paid $40 for last week? I sold a piece from that lot already ... for $40! So the other pieces will be pure profit!

Last but not least, I sold a pair of earth shoes. That's earth-with-a-little-e, not Earth-with-a-big-E. Little e is very good. Big E is Walmart. I paid $5.25 for these in July and sold them this week for $45.

I know that was long. I just couldn't narrow it down! Thanks for sticking with me. What were your favorite sales this week?


  1. I had a guy open a case against me because although I offered him a full refund including return shipping, I wouldn't refund his money before he sent the items back....Once he opened the case he HAD to send the items back to get the refund. Then he left me glowing feedback but I'm pretty sure he dinged my DSRs.

  2. I think I'm going to have my first non-payer this week, so that stinks. I sent a warning email this afternoon in the hopes of getting this newbie to pay up (Berenstain Bears lot for $32). I love how well you shined all your shoes! Having been in the military, shining my shoes is near and dear to my heart! :)