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Friday, September 9, 2011

Fantastic Finds Friday

We want to hear all about your Fantastic Finds! This features isn't about your exciting sales. It's about your exciting finds! There are so many places to find inventory: your closet, your garage, a yard sale, thrift stores, a consignment item you're selling for someone else. What did you find this week that you are excited about? It can be something you're excited to get listed OR something you're excited to keep! You can even post to your listing, if you'd like. Free advertising!



I had a great treasure-hunting week! My sister and I went to a yard sale on Saturday that was selling ONLY new with tags items. We almost didn't go, because I don't generally buy NWT for resale, but we had some extra time, so we thought we'd check it out. Holy smokes - this was the hugest yard sale I've ever seen. We were there for over an hour, and I had to break out the checkbook because I didn't have enough cash! I can't even begin to accurately describe the vastness of this yard sale. There were probably 40 people shopping at the same time we were. The place was just crawling. There were racks and racks and racks and RACKS. There were tables covered with shoes, piles of NWT Jansport backpacks, racks full of NWT Halloween and Christmas costumes, a mountain of NIP bedding and comforters, clothes, communion/confirmation/flower girl dresses, it was craziness. But I focused on the coats. There was a rack of coats that was easily 100 feet long. I started at one end and my sister started at the other. When we met in the middle, we had 1 NWT Gymboree coat (paid $12.50/retail $55) and NINE NWT Rothschild coats (paid $14 and $16 each/retail $80 and $90)!! I also grabbed a pair of NWT Gymboree winter fashion boots (paid $9/retail $39) and 3 NWT swimming rash guard shirts (paid $5 each/retail $20 each). My total was $162.50, but I'm confident that I'll be able to flip that into $700 within 6 months or so. Woot!

What did you find this week? Anything exciting?


  1. Wow, Awesome finds! I was excited to find (2) Under Armour Compression Shirts at a yard sale for $.25 each. These retail for anywhere between $25 - $50. They are used but are in excellent condition so I should be able to get a few buck out of them. I listed them this week - check them out HERE or HERE.

  2. I found a Star Wars sheet set. I'm hoping with the movie coming out this week that they do well.