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Monday, September 12, 2011

Make It Happen Monday!

On eBay Underground, we've been setting goals for ourselves ... and reaching them!! It has been so encouraging to watch our members increase their goals week after week after week after week after week!

Week 1, I set a modest goal for myself of $100 per day. I had been doing that most days for a couple week, but I wanted it to be completely consistent - $700 that week. I reached it, but just barely - $700.92!

Week 2, since I only barely reached my week 1 goal, I was going to keep it the same. But Joann encouraged me to bump it up. I went with $750 and blew that away with a $818.09 week!!

Already, I could see that pushing yourself to reach high goals can really make a difference!

For Week 3, I decided to go crazy and aim for $850. I didn't quite make it, but I'm not going to complain about the $803.75 I did reach.

During Week 4, I kept my goal the same since I didn't reach it during week 3. Goal: $850. Reached: $847.65. Aggghh! I was $2.35 short of my goal. And what made it even worse was I had a $9.99 sale 20 minutes after the end of the day. SOOO close.

For Week 5, I decided to push it again. Since I was SO close to my Week 4 goal, I figured I'd give it a shot and aim for $875. Well... I had a record week! $985.82!!

So we have just begun Week 6, and I am reaching for the stars this week. My goal is to hit $1000 in sales this week. To me, that just sounds crazy! But I have seen a pattern over the last 5 weeks. Push, push, push, and you'll probably get closer to your goal than you think you will!

I'm not telling you these numbers to brag or to make you feel bad if your numbers are lower. I'm telling you these numbers so you can see how my sales increased week after week, simply because I said I wanted them to. I stated a goal, and I listed and worked hard for it!

So today, I want you to come on over to our Week 6 thread and state your goals for the week. I also want you to push yourself just a little bit. Set your goal just a bit higher than what you think you can reach. And then stretch for it! Add just 1 extra listing per day (above what you usually do). If you don't have a regular listing schedule, make one. Try to list 3 items per day. Stretch. Push. Work hard for your goals. You will feel an amazing sense of satisfaction when you reach your goal. And then you can stretch harder, push further, and work harder to reach an even higher goal next week. And before you know it, you'll be reaching for $1000!


  1. What a great post! My new goal is to list 3 items per night after the kids go to bed. I can't do more than that or I get stretched too thin, which is not the point of this. I've decided a little extra spending money is not worth feeling stressed and cranky at my family because I have too much to do and keep track of. So 3 per night seems admirable but not too hard to attain.

  2. How many items do you have listed to reach $1000 a week? I think I need to find a better auction to store listing ratio. Thanks for any advice!! Currently I making about $1100 a month.

  3. @Diana - That sounds like a great goal. It's good to be able to keep a balance. I'm not very good at that. I tend to get into listing binges, where I block out everything around me for hours on end while I list list list list. I need to spread it out through the week and just do a couple a day instead of a listing marathon all at once.

    @Anony - I'm closing in on 800 listings. You're welcome to take a look at my store and my completeds to see what sells.

  4. I would just love to bring in enough to get a decent computer so I can feel confident that I'll be able to get online when my auctions end!

    I am going to take a little time to read up on what I've been missing and get inspired. (I know - I need to be SELF motivated.)

    I am trying to get educated and not lose money.

  5. Thanks for sharing your store website! I really enjoyed looking through everything you have. I am new to the ebay things and have learned so much from you, thanks! I wanted to ask you if you have a limit you will hold on to an item? For example, if you have something listed for over a year will you get rid of it or sell it in an action style listing? Thanks again.

  6. Sarah, I don't have an official time limit. I go through my shoes about every 6 months and put them on permanent clearance if they've been listed 6 months or longer. My family has a yard sale once or twice a summer, so when yard sale time comes, I pull out the old inventory that I'm sick of looking at and sell it super cheap at the yard sale just to get rid of it.

    Other than that, anything goes. I have some shoes listed right now that I've had listed since last summer.

    Dogsmom, have you been to our group yet? If not, you should take a minute to register there (http://ebayunderground/ and spend a few evenings browsing. There is SO much valuable information there!

  7. Thank you so much for your help! I haven't figured out how to post on here other then anonymously! But, I joined both groups. Thank you! Excellent ideas!

  8. Anony, beside Comment As, click the drop down menu and choose "Name/URL"

    Then you can put in your name and we'll know who you are :)

  9. I'm also inspired to set a goal of listing three items per night. I did this on Monday and Tuesday nights and it's paying off - I've already sold 2 of those items as BIN.

    My biggest hurdle is that I enjoy going yard saling/going to GW and bringing home good deals that I think will sell well, but then when it comes time to list them I am less motivated, so hopefully breaking it out into smaller chunks like 3 per night will help with that. I look at my pile of stuff to sell in my guest room and get a little overwhelmed, but you've inspired me to set small achievable goals for listing now :)