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Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Buyer From the Looney Bin

Well, either she's from the looney bin, or she's gonna send ME to one! Here's the listing in question, but it's completed, so I don't know how long it will be available. If I narrate this one, we'll be here all day. So I'm just gonna do a copy/paste. Note the dates. This has been going on since August 16th.

August 16, from buyer: hi, do you have the 10th card for the bear? thanks

[Let's consult the listing, shall we?]

August 16, me: No, she comes with 9 cards.
August 16, from buyer: hi ok can you tell me the brand name of this carebear and tell me what cards are there. Maybe I can find the missing one on line. My kids want this care bear :)

[Let's consult the listing again, shall we?]

August 16, me: The brand is TCFC. The cards that I have are firetruck, watch, balloon, carrot, ring, shoe, sheep, elephant, and corn. They are 2-sided cards, so there are 18 options to choose from. My kids and I played this several times, and it is absolutely playable without that 10th card. It's like a 20 questions game, so there is never a point where it matters that the card is missing. If she asks you if the fruit is orange, and you aren't holding an orange (if that's the missing card - but I have no idea, this is just an example), then you just click on no and she asks the next question.
Thanks for asking,

August 17, from buyer: don't know that company? I'll google it. thanks

August 17, from buyer: hi are there any other names on the tag? thanks

August 17, me: TCFC = Those Critters From Cleveland.

The back of the tag says: "(C) TCFC Inc. Manufactured under license by Play Along (H.K.) Ltd. A division of JAKKS Pacific, Inc.

August 18, from buyer: oh ok I called the company but they don't have the replacement there any way you can find the missing card? hope you find it :)
August 18, me: When this bear was given to us, it was already missing one. There is no chance of us finding it. But it is completely playable with only 9 cards. We have played it several times and never once was the missing card an issue.
August 21 (3 days later), from buyer: ok that's great :)

August 21, from buyer: Hi again, are you willing to take $10.00 for the bear? please let me know thanks so much

[I think I had her priced at either $19.99obo or $24.99obo)

August 21, me: I haven't had this bear listed for very long. She is in very good condition. At this time, I'm not willing to go any lower than $15.

August 21, from buyer: what is the cheapest shipping to zip 80911? thanks
August 21, me: Parcel post is $8.65. Priority mail is $9.60.

August 21, from buyer: hi again :) Do you combine shipping?

[At this point, I'm starting to get a little annoyed, but I now see potential for multiple sales...]

August 21, me: I sure do! You'll have to let me know the item numbers before you order. I will go in and remove the immediate payment requirement on those items. Then once you've ordered, I will send you a revised invoice showing the combined shipping.

August 21, from buyer: oh ok should I go ahead and put in my best offer? you said to let you know the item numbers. Forgot to ask,If you're ok with $13? thanks again

[Sigh. Scroll up.]

August 21, me: $15 is the absolute lowest I am willing to go. If you are making offers on both items, then yes you can go ahead and do that without telling me the item numbers. If there is not a best offer option, then you'll need to let me know the item numbers first.

August 23 (2 days later), from buyer: hi, I noticed you had alot of items to look at :) I'm going to try to finish looking by tomorrow night.

[Criminey. Just buy/pay/go away already!]

August 23, me: Sure thing. Thanks for letting me know :)

August 23, from buyer: hi I saw this so cute, how much is this and the care bear? and the cheapest combined shipping?

[Let's consult the listing again...]

August 23, me: The bear was $15. The pig is $7.99. So the total for the 2 would be $22.99 + shipping. Adding the pig doesn't change the shipping at all, so it would still be $8.65 for parcel post or $9.60 for priority.

August 23, from buyer: saw this too :)
August 23, me:

$15 bear
$7.99 pig
$9.99 game

$11.82 parcel post shipping OR
$15.05 priority mail shipping

August 24, from buyer: hi oh ok :) Have you played the Clue game? is it a different out come every time it's played?

[wow. really?]

August 24, me: Yes, it is played just like regular Clue. You randomly choose one card from each category (room, weapon, and character) and hide them away at the beginning of the game. Those 3 cards are your solution, so as many different combinations of 3 there are, that's how many different outcomes there could be.

August 24, from buyer: ok are you willing to go lower on this and the pig car?

August 25, me: No, they are both already priced lower than I originally wanted for them.

August 26, from buyer: oh I'll let you know asap
[I don't remember exactly at which point she made the offer on the Care Bear, but the next correspondence I have is well after the purchase.]

August 30, me: Are you still shopping? If you are done, I'd like to get this shipped out.

August 30, from buyer: hi yes I'm still shopping sorry about the wait. Also trying to decide if I want to buy simpsons game.
August 30, me: No problem. I just hadn't heard from you for awhile, so I thought I'd see what was going on. Take your time, and let me know when you're done :)

[If ever I could take back any of the words I've ever said in my life, it would be those.]

September 4 (5 days later), me: It has been nearly 2 weeks since you ordered this bear. Are you still interested in it? If not, please let me know as soon as possible so I can relist it. If I haven't heard back from you by Friday, I'll need to cancel the sale and relist.

September 4, from buyer: Hi Jessica,
Sorry took so long I've been out of town.
I will be paying tomorrow :)
Is the pig shake and go car still available?
Thanks so much

September 5, me: Yes it is. You can copy and paste this link into your browser, or you can do an ebay search for item #120759714136. Thanks.

September 6, from buyer: thanks so much! Forgot to ask can the batteries be replaced?

[Um ... it's not disposable! It's also not solar-powered. It's also not rechargeable.]

September 6, me: Yes. It requires 2 AA batteries, which are included.

September 6, from buyer: hi Jessica forgot to ask does the pig car play music too?

September 6, me: The pig oinks and snorts, and there is the sound of a car engine running. No music.

September 6, from buyer: ok I will be payin today (WED evening) :) thanks so much for your patience :)

September 8, from buyer: hi Jessica, I tried to pay but for some reason my paypal is acting up. I'll try again in the afternoon. Also on the invoice, the shipping is wrong :(
Sorry about the wait. Thanks so much again.

September 8, me:

On August 21, I sent you a message with a shipping quote:

"Dear xxxxxxx,

Parcel post is $8.65. Priority mail is $9.60.

- ellie_belle00"

The invoice I sent you shows the same numbers.
I will be relisting this bear on Friday at 8pm EST if this transaction isn't completed by then.



This is where we are currently. I am so ready for this to be done. I kind of hope she doesn't pay, so I can just open a UPI or cancel the transaction or something. Anything! Ack!

I'll keep you posted.


  1. That sounds almost unbearable - I was getting impatient just reading it!

  2. Wow. I wanted to pull my own hair out just reading that!

  3. Jessica, that same buyer did something similar to me. About drove me crazy! Took about 2 weeks, but she finally paid!

  4. Whoa! Blocked bidder list, ASAP! So sorry you are dealing with this.

  5. Megan, I was going to ask you how you knew it was the same buyer, but I see I left her username in my post. Oops! She did finally pay? Did she leave feedback? As ridiculous as her pre-sale questions have been, I worry that she'll nitpick and find something stupid to complain about.

    Deana - absolutely!

  6. I am with Tracy and Samantha!! sounds like it's just not worth it! UGH! Love the straight jacket pic!

  7. Wow! That is super annoying. I have yet to post anything on Ebay but I am sure that I might get a few "crazies". The question about the batteries is vaild because with some toys you can't change them, usually smaller stuff animal types. But the rest of the questions? Just read the listing!!!

  8. Oh goodness. When I run across people like that in any setting, I just try to smile and be thankful that I'm not related to them :)

    Good luck! Your responses are all so professional and to the point. That's sooo hard to do when you really have other very colorful things in mind to say. ;)

  9. She did pay, but no feedback yet. I think her order shipped at least 2 weeks ago.

  10. are much more patient than me! I would have stopped responding and blocked her as a buyer at some point. That is just TOO much work for a $15 sale!

  11. Oh Jessica you are an ebay saint. I have been selling for 11yrs and have had my share of nuts but never one like this. I say BLOCK her. I agree with the other person who said it just isn't worth it for a $15 sale. I give you credit, I would not have gone on that long. I hope she leaves you good fb you deserve it!


  12. She is most definitely blocked. The story continued after that blog post. She kept having trouble with her Paypal, but once her Paypal problems got fixed, she noticed one of the cards was bent. I told her 4 of them were. She said "Oh no! Will you discount?" I said no, because I had already come down $10. So she asked if they were glossy cards because she wanted to photocopy them. I replied, "I suppose you could do that if you wanted." Did she want me to offer to do that for her??? Also asked me to lower shipping by $3. Declined that one too. But she finally paid and left a note in her Paypal payment that said "Let me know if you find that 10th card! And let me know if shipping ends up being any lower". Sigh.