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Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Top eBay Moments This Week

This week felt kind of slow at the time, but looking back on it, I see that I had 54 sales this week! That's why we keep track of our sales goals on eBay Underground. It may feel slow at the time, but it adds up faster than we think it does. Out of my 54 sales, 19 were shoes. I only had 1 complaint - I accidentally sent the wrong Thomas train track piece out. My buyer contacted me today and I was able to quickly apologize and ship out the correct piece. Problem averted! I do have 2 unpaid item cases open right now - one for a(nother) Thomas train track piece, and the other for my broken Nintendo & accessories that sold at auction last week. Hrrmph.

Here are my highlights:

This guy was my own personal stuffed lemon from when I was little. I remember opening him up on Christmas Eve. I think I had him overpriced for sentimental reasons, but once I finally dropped my price to something more reasonable, he sold!  Paid $0, sold for $19.99.

I listed this 3 piece toddler's Steelers track suit in February or March, too late for last year's Superbowl. It was a part of the massive kids' clothes investment I made in February. I was holding out hope that it would sell quickly and for good money. I was hoping for $24.99, but I accepted an offer this week for $20.

I've sold these before, but not for very much. I had these listed for $24.99obo, and I received an offer this week for $15 from a buyer in Zambia. I countered with $19.99, and he ended up just making a full price purchase. Not real sure why, but I suspect he thought we were bidding against each other? Paid $2, sold for $24.99.

This is another item I had overpriced for nearly a year. At the time that I bought it, there were no other ones listed, so I listed it for $89.99obo. Not surprisingly, it never had any watchers or offers. I recently dropped it to $39.99obo and accepted an offer this week for $30. I paid $3.17 for it.

My 12 year old nephew asked me a few months ago if I would try to sell this for him. I checked completed listings, but it didn't look good. I told him that they didn't really sell and he said ok. But then I decided I wanted to buy it from him for my kids to play. I told him that and asked him how much he wanted for it. He told me $10, so I gave him the money and brought it home. The kids played with it for a couple weeks, but then it sat on the shelf for two months, untouched. I decided 2 weeks ago to go ahead and list it and see what happened. I listed it for $39.99obo, not expecting much. Imagine my surprise when it actually sold for my full asking price! So I wrote him a note and dropped another $10 in the mail for him. Just goes to show you that completed listings don't tell the whole story.

I found these wild Danskos while I was out shopping with Lesley in July. I paid $4.97 for them. A few days ago, I put all my spring and summer styles on sale, 20% off, so these sold today for $40.00.

I wasn't too sure about these Johnston & Murphy's. They are suede. I keep telling myself I won't buy anymore suede, but it just keeps happening. I listed these for $50 fixed price. I got a message from a buyer today asking me if I'd accept $45 including shipping. I only paid $4.20 for them, and shipping would only be $8, so I was happy to change the price for him. He bought and paid immediately, and they are already on their way to Florida!

These Docs broke my streak. I paid $10 for them in July and sold them this week for $50. But nope - not to Australia, believe it or not!

I also bought these Tod's loafers when I was shopping with Lesley in July. Pretty ugly, aren't they? Who doesn't want a pair of burgundy suede slip on loafers? I bought them because I was thinking they were a brand that Rachel recommended. Once I got home and double-checked, I realized that they weren't the ones that she recommended, but that they were pretty good too! I listed them high to start ($99.99obo), but then dropped them to a fixed price of $60 a couple weeks ago. I paid $4.97 and sold them for $60 yesterday.

What about you? What was your favorite sale this week?


  1. I only had two sales this week and one hasnt paid yet :-(

  2. Are you planning on ordering more shoe supplies, I purchased some a few weeks ago on Ebay. I need some of the more basic colors. By the way I was at a shoe shop looking for some heel dressing and they were selling all the colors of Meletotian (sp) for $6.00 a jar! I almost fell over!

  3. As a matter of fact, I am. I can't believe how quickly my stock is depleting this time (although now that I know the public sells it for $6/jar, I see why mine's selling so quickly - LOL!)

    I'm planning to submit an order this Sunday (the 18th). If you'd like me to order you something in particular, let me know by then and I'll add it in with my order.

    You can contact me directly through the Contact Us link at the top of our blog if you'd prefer.