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Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Top eBay Moments This Week

I fell into another black hole this week. This one lasted for TWO days. I didn't call eBay this time - I wanted to just wait and see what would happen. After two days of nothing, yesterday was a $250+ day! I'm going to continue to monitor my store visits and patterns, but the next time this happens (and there WILL be a next time - probably next Tuesday), I'll wait it out a day or two and hopefully that's all it will take.

I had 87 sales! 38 of those were shoe care products at very small dollar amounts, which causes extra work for less money. But I figure if I'm going to be ordering those products for myself and our eBay Underground members, I might as well order extras to sell. Only 12 of my sales were shoes. My shoe wall has a LOT of holes in it. I need to get out for a shoe sourcing road trip.

I have one unpaid item case open right now (for shoe cream, of all things), and I had to cancel one order to Venezuela. Add that one to your blocked countries list. Too complicated.

Are my Top eBay Moments posts getting too long? I have a hard time narrowing it down sometimes, but if you're getting bored with the long posts, please let me know! I want you to keep reading, so if that means I should pare these posts down a bit, I'll certainly do so.

This wasn't a big sale in an of itself. 16 Scrabble racks for $14.99. However, in the past couple of weeks, I also sold the 6 boards for $24.99 and I sold the 500 tiles  for $50 minus $4.90 shipping. So for my $4-5 investment in these Scrabble games, I got $89.98! Always buy Scrabble games.

I bought a set of 6 of these Rudolph plush characters last January (half off) for $7.95. I have only the Santa left. This Yukon Cornelius sold this week for $21.99. The 5 that have sold totalled $117.97!!

This Frosty sings and dances, and his cheeks light up red. And trust me - it's annoying. I paid $1.90 for him in July, and I was glad to see him go this week for $24.99.

I bought these Fire King mugs in August for $4.24. I tried to auction them to no avail (why am I ever surprised by that?). They sold this week for $24.99. Good enough.
I was pretty amazed by the "special something" of these SAS shoes when I found them. I bought them in June for $2.99, and they sold this week for $35.

 I ALWAYS buy Ariats when I find them, which isn't often. I bought these in May for $2.98 and sold them this week for $35.

Another good SAS sale. I had a lot of inquiries about these, but no takers until this week. Paid $2.99 in June. Sold for $40.

There was a really really old man that went to the same church that I went to growing up. When I was in high school, he randomly stopped by our house and gave me these Beethoven sonata books. There were at least as old as he was, and he was ooooolllld. I never really understood why he gave them to me, but I enjoyed playing out of them for several years. I went to college (piano performance major) and ended up buying a new edition of the same books, so these just went onto the shelf. They are HUGE and HEAVY. They held no sentimental value, but I didn't know if they held any monetary value. I listed them for $99.99 or best offer and they just sat there. Very few hits, no watchers, no offers. A month or so ago, I dropped them to $69.99 or best offer, and I accepted an offer for $55 this week!

Another great sale! I bought this lot in May for $5.29 and listed it pretty high with best offer. I got a couple ridiculously low offers on them, and I was just starting to wonder if I needed to redo the lot. These books are mixed grade levels, which probably had something to do with why it wasn't selling for what I wanted. I finally ended up selling them yesterday for $65 with free shipping. It fit perfectly into a side-loading medium flat rate box, so I was only out $9.97 for the shipping.

And this was my favorite sale of the week! I bought these Ariat boots for $5.00 at a yard sale over Labor Day weekend. They needed fixed up a bit, because the lady selling them put the price on masking tape right over the toe. When I took the tape off, it took some of the color off. Grr. But my Meltonian fixed them up nicely, and they sold within 4 days of listing them for $65!

What did you sell this week?


  1. Please post more, not less!!

  2. I love your post. It's great to see what's selling for others. I have a lot of those leap frog books and cartridges. I've been debating on whether I wanted to get the system to go with them. Looks like I should for the price you got out of them. All of mine are in the same grade level.

  3. My 21 year old nephew gave me a Power Rangers Morpher toy to sell. It's got 275 hits, 29 watchers and 7 bids! It's up to $66.00 and it still has 3 days left. Who knew? I even put a video in the listing to prove it works and to hopefully avoid a switcheroo. So if you ever see one of those at a yard sale, grab it!

  4. I started reading your blog not long ago after Yard Sale Mommy recommended it...and I am so glad I did! I have finally gotten brave enough to start selling and have made almost $50 this week on 2 items that cost me $11! Keep up with the posts. They are great!

  5. Yes, the posts are great. I agree, more not less!

  6. I also enjoy seeing what you sold and for how much It gives me an idea on what to look for while thrifting

  7. I bought this Hallmark Keepsake Ornament for $0.50 and sold yesterday for $52.29! My goal is to make $250 a week to pay for child care and this definitely helped me get there.

  8. Right, more not less! I love seeing what sells and I think your shoes are so *pretty*!!
    I sold a Blues Clues Alarm Clock, an Under Armour sports bra, vintage Little People and Loving Family doll house furniture.

  9. Wow! Great finds. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Love your blog. I made $10 on a bumbo and lots of money of Little Einstein figures!! I also got brave enough to list cowboy boots and designer knee high boots. I started in August and have made great money with advise from your blog.

  11. I don't find your blog too long at all! It's a great source of information, and has encouraged me to try and sell a few things on eBay!