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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This Week's Shopping Trip

We have a regular feature on Fridays about our favorite finds for the week, but I never get to show off the other stuff I find. The ordinary stuff that can be just as good. This week, I stopped at Goodwill twice and Salvation Army once. Here's everything I found:

I spent a total of $47.69 for all of that, which is just about right for me. I think $50 a week is a good limit for me. We'll see how long I stick to that.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume, shell, and mask (paid $2.99, will probably list for $19.99)
  • Large plush Shrek Donkey (paid $1.05, will probably list for $24.99)
  • Large plush Alf (paid $1.05, will list for $34.99 - I've sold 2 of these already for that price)

  • Black SAS shoes (paid $2.99, will list for $35)
  • Brown Clarks Artisan mary janes (paid $2.99, will list for $25)
  • White SAS tassel loafers (paid $1.49, will list for $35)
  • Black Clarks Artisan slides (paid $1.99, will list for $25)

  • NWT Gymboree hooded sleeveless pullover (paid $2, will list for $15.99)
  • Clue Mysteries board game (paid 53c, will probably list for $12.99)
  • Quantum Pad, a division of Leap Pad (paid $6.35 for that plus 6 games/cartridges, will probably list the Quantum Pad and sampler game/cartridge for $14.99. Will list the other books/cartridges individually)

  • earth green crocheted sandals (paid $2.99, will list for $35 or $40)
  • 2 pair of the exact same style & size brown Born loafers (paid $5.99 for one, $2.99 for the other, will list for $25 per pair)
  • black earth mary janes (paid $3.99, will list for $35 or $40)

  • size 15 men's Sebago loafers (paid $2.99, will probably list for $40)
  • Big Jim Safari Hut (paid $6.35 and was really excited when I saw this, but then not so excited when I realized mine doesn't have Big Jim and is full of a bunch of odds and ends safari animals that do NOT go to this set. Will probably list for $34.99obo)
Oops. I had already written this post but hadn't published it yet. I just got home from another yard sale. On a Tuesday. Hunh.

  • Microwave Turntable (paid 50c, will list it for $24.99obo)
  • Pyrex Amish Butterprint 1pt casserole (paid 25c, will list it for $8.99 - bah)
  • Ms Pac Man Plug & Play (paid $3, will list it for $24.99 - I've sold 2 of these at that price)
  • Aladdin (paid 50c - my daughter just asked me for it this other day, so I was excited to find it so quickly!)


  1. How did you learn about shoes and decide that was what you were going to sell. I've seen a lot of pairs of great shoes at Goodwill for $3-$5 each but they usually have scuffs, etc. and need some TLC. Where do I begin? If you're willing to share.

    Amy @ Coupon Tipster

  2. I honestly don't remember the moment I first decided that's what I wanted my niche to be. Probably once I got to around 50 pairs. And as far as how I learned about them... trial and error along the way. I started with Rachel's BOLO list ( and tweaked it from there.

    Light scuffs are no big deal. I rarely find shoes in perfect condition. I use Meltonian shoe cream and Sole & Heel edge dressing to improve the shoes. I've had excellent results. My shoe collection keeps growing and growing (but selling and selling too!) My buyers always leave glowing feedback too, about how thrilled they are with the shoes, and how great they look.

    So I must be doing something right :)

  3. I'm still working on finding my niche. Right now I'm all over the place seeing what sells and what doesn't. I'm enjoying the process for far! I finally set up a "photo booth" in my office so that the picture taking portion of the listing doesn't take as long.