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Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Top eBay Moments This Week

I had another great week this week, until the last 2 days anyway. I had 42 sales this past week. Only 12 of them were shoes. I've really been selling a lot of Meltonian shoe cream lately, and this week was no exception.  I had a difficult week in terms of getting people to pay. Since I've removed Best Offer from most of my listings, the number of unpaid item cases I've had to open has really decreased. But I took advantage of eBay's free auction listing promotion last week, and several of my winning bidders were actually losers. I have 2 auctions that I'm still waiting to receive payment for. I also had to open a case against a woman who bought 2 pairs of shoes from me, but she paid the next day. I was especially annoyed about that, because she had bought 2 pairs from me a month ago, but then contacted me to let me know she was having trouble with her Paypal account. Honest to goodness, it's amazing the number of buyers that "have trouble with their Paypal accounts," isn't it? But anyway, I was nice. Since she was actually communicating with me, I offered to cancel the transaction and she could re-purchase the shoes later, once her troubles were fixed. She was very grateful. And then I didn't hear another word from her until a month later. Well, one of the pairs she had originally wanted sold in the meantime. But she found another pair she wanted. She ordered them both (I had turned off Immediate Payment so I could combine the shipping on her invoice) and assured me she'd pay immediately. I don't know about your Webster's dictionary, but mine does NOT define "immediately" as "4 1/2 days later." But she eventually paid, so it's all good.

Enough about all of that. Here are my highlights from the week:

I found this in the back of my son's closet. The tractor that it hooks to is LONG gone, so I tossed it in the box of yard sale stuff, figuring I could get 50 cents out of it. But something made me think to check eBay (I dunno ... maybe the fact that it's in my blood now?)  There weren't any of this particular plow listed, but I was pleased with how the other attachments were selling. I went high and priced it for $19.99 or best offer, hoping for $10. Imagine my surprise when I got an offer for $15 about a week later! My boy was delighted, because he gets the money for that (except fees, of course).

I regretted this purchase as soon as I got it back to the car. What in the world was I thinking? Who was going to buy a Tamagotchi board game, even if it WAS new in the shrink wrap. I'm thinking there was a good reason the original owner never bothered to play it!  But again ... it never ceases to amaze me what people will buy. I bought this at a dirty dingy thrift store in July for $1 and sold it for my full asking price of $19.99!

This is a giant frog puppet. He's about 24" tall. I'm telling you ... huge. And really solid. Well made. He was given to me to sell back in July. I listed him for $24.99 or best offer, hoping for $20. But again ... full price sale. Didn't even make me an offer.

I love ALF! This is the third one I've sold. He's about 18" tall. Always grab him up. There are talking versions too. I've never found one of them, but hopefully someday I will. I bought this guy 2 weeks ago for $1. I decided to put him up for auction during eBay's free auction listing promotion. He only sold for my starting bid, but it was one I knew I'd be happy with. I sold the other 2 for $34.99 each, but this one sold for $29.99. Still good enough for me!

This was a gut-instinct buy. Dragon Strike, the game. I've never heard of it, but it had TONS of pieces and cool graphics. I think there's a niche market for this type of thing, so I took a chance on it. I bought it at a yard sale for $3 a couple weeks ago. I also put it up for auction. It also sold for my starting price, but I was happy with that $29.99 too.

I always buy Scrabble games when I find them. I try not to pay more than $2 for them, but obviously I prefer Goodwill's game price of 50 cents! This was 5 sets split up into 3 lots. I sold 6 boards a couple weeks ago for $24.99. I still have the letter racks listed (16 for $14.99). This lot of 500 tiles sold quickly for $50 (free shipping - but they fit into a padded flat rate mailer for $4.90).

I am deliriously happy that these finally sold! I bought 25 games and the console/gun/controllers/cords the end of July for $15. I sold 3 Mario games for $23. I have had the rest of the games at auction three times now. Each time, I had over 10 watchers, but no bids. The third time really IS a charm. They sold this week for $51!

It was a good week. Here's hoping for another!  What were your favorite sales this week?


  1. Another great post. You so willing share such great ideas. I really enjoy your blog/posts. Thank you.

  2. I'm wondering how you get your items pictured to look like there floating, for example the tractor piece and your shoe pictures always look professionally taken. Can you share your secret on taking great pictures? Do you edit them to look that way? Thanks, Kim

  3. Thank you :)
    Yes, I edit them. Here's a step-by-step post on how I do it.

  4. My husband buys old wind up clocks and takes them apart. He uses the brass gears for making Steampunk jewelry. (Yes, we cosplay at anime conventions and we're getting an artist's table this winter to sell his creations!) Anyway, the one part he doesn't use is the windspring. I made up a lot of 15 of them and they didn't sell the first time around. I had a starting price of 9.99 and a BIN for $19.99. So I relisted them at the same price and I finally got a bid. They ended up selling for $46.00! Then hubby also had the empty cases left over from the travel clocks piled up in a corner. I decided to list them and got a bid the same day. They're holding right now at $10.49. Nothing goes to waste! It's awesome! Meantime, everything else is stagnant. :(

  5. My best sale was a London Fog trench coat for $50...I paid $1.00 for it. I also had a Dress Barn jacket that I *almost* decided not to buy but thought, what could $1.00 hurt? I got $18.50 for it. It's been a really great week for me. Next month's preschool is paid for plus some!

  6. I have finally had a good week I sold my vintage camera to a buyer in Japan for $90 I only paid a buck for it

  7. Best Sale of the week: Decided to go to a re-sale shop (I never go to those b/c prices are usually too high for me to re-sell stuff) But they were having a sale on their costumes so I checked them out. Kept passing by a Disney Daisy Duck costume. Just didn't interest me. I saw it again so I decided to look up the value real quick. Yup. Bought it for $14 and sold it for $88.00!! Was looking for Zurg but found something just as good! So keep your eyes open for Daisy!