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Monday, September 5, 2011

Your Favorite Things

I thought I'd do a showcase of all your favorite things from the giveaway post. It was fun to see what you all are excited about this week!

Amy's Polly Pockets (giveaway winner!)

Handkerchiefgal's Crayola Jumbles

Danelle's Kiss Diaper Bag

kdelrosario's Smurf Houses

Christy's CakeWalk Dress

Elizabeth's Dorothy shoes

Trish's SAS shoes

Sarah's Duplo Blocks

Thanks for playing, everyone! That was a lot of fun to see your favorite listings :)


  1. How exciting! That's my crochet book! (That I had to relist) But it's exciting anyway! Thanks for this

  2. Those are some really cool finds Thanks for posting mine Im going to check out Tinas peacocks They look interesting

  3. I love seeing what everyone else has picked up!

  4. Thanks! It's nice to get the additional exposure!