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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Consignment Sale, Day 1

Yesterday was pre-sale day at the consignment sale. I was told I could drop off more clothes when I came for the resale, so I spent a couple hours yesterday running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to get another 100+ pieces tagged and properly hung up. It was insane. In fact, I didn't get done. My sister drove, and I sat in the back and frantically tagged the whole way there. The pre-sale for consignors started at 6:00, and I finished tagging at 5:50. Phew! We dragged them all in and got them hung up, so they were available for the pre-sale! (A huge shout-out to my sister for helping me out with that - thank you!!! - not that she reads this, but it makes me feel good to thank her publicly :-D )

The coolest thing about this sale is that they upload sales information to their website each night. So I can actually log in every night and see what I've sold. I sold NOTHING last night. But really, there weren't nearly as many people as I expected. I'm sure I'll do better today. Hopefully.

I have never seen such a huge amount of stuff. Wow. It was overwhelming. I knew ahead of time that the prices weren't going to be good for resale, but I thought I'd see if I could find a thing or two for my kids. I didn't find anything I'm super-duper-excited about, but I did get them each a couple things I think they'll like.

Because I signed my sister up under me and she consigned more than $100 worth, I got a $10 gift card. I bought:
  • 2 church shirts and 2 pairs of sneakers for Aaron
  • a 3 piece fleece outfit, a Gap shirt dress, and 2 sets of pajamas for Sarah
  • a church shirt and a Gap fleece pullover for Jacob
  • 2 nice tops for Ellie
I did also find 1 Gymboree item for resale. It is from 2007 and new with tags ($22.50). It was marked $2! So I grabbed it and was able to identify the line already. Turns out it's the same line as a pair of pants I have that I haven't been able to identify. Yay for bonus ID's!

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