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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Consignment Sale, Day 2

Today was the first day of the public consignment sale. I anxiously awaited the moment they uploaded their sales to their website so I could see how I did. I sold 27 of my items for a total of $211! The sale will still go on all day tomorrow and Saturday (9-7 each day). Saturday is half-price day, so I'm hoping a ton of my letovers will sell that day. I don't relish the thought of bringing home all of that stuff.... 

Looking forward to seeing tomorrow's sales! Yay! That was fun!


  1. Drop off for our big consignment sale is on Tuesday. I love checking my sales each day. It's so exciting to see how much you made without having to wait for a check! Looks like you're doing well!


  2. Wow, your doing so much better then me!! So far my sales total $136.00, and I've only sold 4 articles of clothing. Half price starts tonight and ends tomorrow. I'm hoping the stuff moves for half price. I really don't want to pick up the items and bring them home, I think I would feel a little defeated.

  3. The sale is over. I ended up selling just about half of my stuff. I still have quite a lot to bring home, but hey - that means quite a lot is gone! Final update coming shortly!