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Friday, April 1, 2011

Fantastic Finds Friday

We want to hear all about your Fantastic Finds! This features isn't about your exciting sales. It's about your exciting finds! There are so many places to find inventory: your closet, your garage, a yard sale, thrift stores, a consignment item you're selling for someone else. What did you find this week that you are excited about? It can be something you're excited to get listed OR something you're excited to keep! You can even post to your listing, if you'd like. Free advertising!

I haven't been out thrifting lately because I've been too busy with my current inventory and frankly don't really need anything. BUT, I needed a day off, which includes a day of shopping, so off hubby and I went Tuesday to our new favorite Goodwill in Reading, PA.

This week I found some brand new kids Primigi boots. I have yet to list them but believe me they are sweet. I also spotted one lone Robeez on the shelf. It was unique because it looked like a dragon and was 3 dimensional. I found the partner to the shoe on the floor.....gasp!

Robeez in like new or new condition can fetch a fair price, but I soon discovered these were unique on eBay. Check them out here!

I also found this Stephanie Matthews girls wool dress coat.  I ALWAYS pick up these when they are in good shape and current style.  They sell well for me!

My total investment for my Primigi, Robeez and wool coat.....$13.91.....potential sales $110.


I'm in the same boat as Lesley. I've got SO much inventory here at the house to be listed that I just can't justify going out and buying a lot more until I get it all listed. I'm making real progress, so that's good! But I did hit a Goodwill on Saturday while I was out shopping with my sister. I found a really nice pair of men's Florsheim shoes! They were only $2.99! So I paid for them, along with a whole bag of clothes. When I got home from a long day hours and hours later, I realized the cashier didn't put my Florsheims in my bag!! :( Fortunately, I was back in that town the next morning, so I stopped by and found them ... back on the shoe rack!! I explained what happened, so fortunately I didn't have to pay for them a second time. I'll be getting those listed this week. I'll try to remember to post a link here.


So what about you? What great things did you find this week, either for resale or that you're excited to keep?

1 comment:

  1. You probably all know mine...i can't stop talking about
    My NEW Starbucks England City mug. :)
    I was also excited about a Portmeirion Botanic Garden wall clock that I still need to list. Gotta double check that the battery is its only problem.