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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Featured eBay Underground Member of the Week!

Every Tuesday, we will put a spotlight on a Featured eBay Underground Member. We want to get to know other members on eBay Underground, and we want you to get to know each other too!

This week's Featured Member is ...

Rachel Bonner! Rachel sells on eBay at and blogs at

We sent Rachel a list of questions, and here's what she had to say:

Start by telling us a bit about yourself.

Hi! My name is Rachel, and I'm a full time Piano Teacher and eBayer in Washington State. I stay busy "treasure hunting" for items to flip and sell on eBay everywhere I go! I've been an eBay store owner since 2005, and a Powerseller since 2007.

How long have you been selling on eBay? Why did you start?

I started selling on eBay in early 2005. Back then, I primarily auctioned items that were handmade. I started mostly for fun. My sister has been an eBay seller for many years and kept trying to get me into eBay. I do a lot of sewing and always wanted to own a gift shop, so I started selling my projects on eBay.

Do you remember the first item you sold?

Hmmmmm.........I think it was a handmade American Flag pillow that I created.

What keeps you going during slow sale periods?

When sales are slow, it gives me more time to work on listings, treasure hunting, and paperwork. Luckily, I haven't had a "slow" period on eBay since the fall of 2008.

Tell us about your favorite buyer.

I sold a BIG Hello Kitty purse and the buyer left me feedback that said: Love this purse! I take it with me to every rave I go!

Tell us about your worst nightmare buyer and how you handled it.

Luckily, I don't have too many of these, but I did have a buyer in Australia get REALLY upset about the slow delivery of a Fred Flinstone plush toy one time. They kept emailing me and threatening to leave negative feedback, which they did.......and then the package arrived the very next day! I stopped advertising that I would ship internationally after that experience. I'm just now getting back into offering international shipping in my listings.

What was your best sale?

My best sale EVER was a handmade Oskar Meinel Violin and Bow from 1935. It sold for $4,000.00......not sure if I'll be able to top that one in the future.......

What purchase for resale did you buy that turned out to be a big mistake? the beginning, I made LOTS of mistakes. I used to have to donate things back to the thrift store more often than not, but now, I'm pretty good at trusting my gut instinct. I look back at my early selling days and just laugh about some of the things I used to sell.

Do you have a niche? What is it and why?

I have several niches. One of my favorites is cashmere sweaters. I also sell a lot of plush items: Carebears, Starbucks Bears, Ponies, and toys from popular kids shows. I also sell a lot of shoes, clothes, and jeans. In the beginning of my eBay days, when I got tired of handmaking things to sell, I turned to books and antiques, but I branched out quickly and discovered even better items to sell on eBay.

What is your favorite thing to watch for when you're out thrifting?

There are soooooooo many items I look for, but I LOVE finding American Girl dolls, Dansko shoes, 7 for all mankind jeans, Cashmere, and large plush ponies and unicorns.

Tell us one thing you have learned on eBay Underground.

I have to pick just one????? I would say that I've learned that there are SOOOOOOO many different kinds of items that can be sold on eBay, and that when we freely share our knowledge to others, it comes back to benefit us in the end because other people start sharing freely too, and everyone learns new things.

Anything else you'd like to comment on?

I love eBay because I can work on it when I have time, and it's something the entire family can work on together. When we go on vacation, my sister and I hit the thriftstores and look for treasure together......that's TONS of fun.


Thank you, Rachel, for giving us a chance to get to know you a little better!

--Jessica & Lesley


Be sure to stop by Rachel's eBay store and her blog!

Also stop by our eBay Underground group and tell _______ hello!

And watch out - you might be our next Featured eBay Underground Member! :)

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