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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Buying Shoes for Resale, Part 2 (More Brands to Watch For)

The other day, I started a list of my favorite shoe brands to watch for. That post was getting really long though, so I cut it off. Way to leave you hanging, right? Here's the rest of my list.

Before I get to that, though, I want to say a few words about the condition of these shoes. A lot of people who want to get into shoe selling think they can only buy and resell shoes that are in excellent condition! Not true! Scuffs can be fixed. Deep scratches can't be. Small flaps of leather can be fixed. Holes can't be. So don't be afraid of less-than-perfect-looking shoes. In my next post, I'll be teaching you all about fixing them up, so go ahead and buy those scuffed and faded shoes. I'll have them looking like new in no time!

Birkenstocks are good sellers! People like them, for some reason. I personally think they are ugly and uncomfortable, but hey - to each his or her own, right?? Check out these ugly things!

This is the Birkenstock style most people are more familiar with though.

I guess people like these best when they're already "broken in" (or as I prefer to call them, cruddy and worn). They sell pretty quickly for me. I price the sandals for $39.99 or best offer and will accept offers of $25 and up.

I get very excited when I find Danskos! They sell super quickly and usually quite high for me. I personally don't like Danskos, because they seem to heavy and clunky, but someone somewhere loves them!

I paid $2.99 for these at a Goodwill I'm not at very often. I was surprised when I got home to discover that they still had the tissue in the toes, so I was able to sell them as new with tags. They sold in just a couple weeks for $60. I'm sure I could have gotten more for them, but I was quite happy with that quite and high return on my investment. I usually price my Danskos around $69.99 and expect to get $50 for them.

I ALWAYS buy Doc Martens. Well, as long as the store doesn't overprice them, of course. My sister-in-law got a pair of them for me at a store that had them priced at $19.99! Fortunately, she bought them on half-price day, so I only ended up paying $10 for them. As it turned out, I'd have been ok paying the full $19.99 for them, because I sold them very quickly for my full asking price of $79.99. But $10 is a better investment :)

I bought a couple pairs of Doc boots recently for $6.97 per pair. Neither pair had laces, but otherwise, they were in excellent condition! I didn't even need to polish them up. I wiped them clean, of course, but I figured they were a quick and easy sell, so I didn't mind shelling out the $2 for new laces :) I sold my $6.97 black Doc Marten boots less than a week after listing them, for my full asking price of $89.99! I can't explain it, but the last 2 pairs of Docs I've sold have gone to Australia for full price.


I have only ever found 2 pair of Salvatore Ferragamos, but believe me - they are worth picking up!! I found a pair at a Salvation Army for $7.99 and sold them last week for $180!!!

I would be willing to pay as much as $25 for a really nice pair of these. I wouldn't love it, because I just don't like making that much of an investment in one item, but obviously they are well-worth that much of an investment! I have listed both my Ferragamos for $249.99 or best offer, but would have accepted as low as $150 for these.


There are a few brands that I find only now and then, but I always buy them when I find them. I don't have many of them, so I don't know much about them.





Cole Haan:


Up next: cleaning shoes for resale. If there is any other topic about selling shoes that you'd like to know more about, please let me know in the comments and I'll be glad to add that into my series.

In the meantime, stop by our Facebook Group and join other sellers in talking about everything eBay-related, not just shoes :)

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  1. Thanks for writing this blog Jessica. The photos are a big help to me.