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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hot Toys of the Summer 2011 (Part 1 of 2)

My fellow online sellers on eBay Underground have been posting some of their yard sale finds.  Unfortunately, for those of us that live in areas where yard sales haven't quite started, we are just a wee bit jealous...but in a good way!

Since my last post was about researching toys while out at yard sales or thrift stores, I thought I would share my personal "Look-out For" list!  Basically these are toys that I'm hoping to spot while out at yard sales this summer.  Most of my list is based on my personal selling experience or research.  Also, these are toys that I know you can find.  Many of them have been discontinued, but not for so long that you can't find them.  Keep in mind that trends can change on a dime, so always keep your own information you know whether it's still HOT or NOT!

I have links to completed listings on eBay, (just click on the toy title) as well as some Terapeak facts.  Terapeak is a fabulous resource that helps me to know how popular a product is as well as sales history.  When Terapeak shows you the average price, remember that it is just average.  Auctions gone bad can bring down the price.  Incomplete items or items in only fair condition can also bring down the rpice.  I typically price my items higher for this reason.  With that said, here's part 1 of my top 20.

1.  Lego's

We'll start with the obvious here.  I've made a pact with myself to just start collecting any and all Lego's (within financial reason).  Lego's sold in bulk by weight are a hot commodity.  You could even sell bricks by the color.  Especially sought after sets are Star Wars and Harry Potter.

2. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Bird Bath Shape Sorter

This is discontinued and hard to find.  Amazon has them listed for $42.99 on up.  One recently sold on eBay for $69!  Terapeak is showing an average price of $23.23 with a sell through rate of 57% (only 7 listed within that 3 month period).  *Note-this comes with 4 shape sorting toys!

3.  Parent's Animal Hospital

This is discontinued and hard to find.  There is (1) listed on Amazon right now for $139 in new condition.  I
recently sold an incomplete set in very good condition for $40 on eBay.  Terapeak average price is $22.27 with a sell though rate of 86%.  The link provided above shows (2) recently sold, both at auction...I would have listed as a "Buy it Now".

4.  Fisher-Price Crawl & Cruise Musical Jungle

Now this is a large toy, but it's hard to find.  There are (2) collectible listed on Amazon for $149.99 and up.  Terapeak is showing an average price of $61 with a sell through rate over 60%.

5.  Disney Einstein Kaleidoscope

This toy is great because it's small.  Terapeak average price is $9.18 with a sell through rate of 72%.  Why is this on my list?  Well there are NONE listed on eBay right now.  It's discontinued and hard to find.  Amazon has only (2) listed for $58.95.  Because it's small, I know I can pick this up for less than $1 at a yard sale!

6.  Fisher-Price Little Superstar Stage

This is discontinued and hard to find.  These are listed on Amazon for $54.99 and up.  Terapeak is showing an average price of $32.14 with a 75% through rate.  That's an awesome percentage of sales.  *Make sure you get the microphone so that it's complete!

7.  Disney Einstein Electronic Pat-Pat Rocket

I've been lucky enough to find (2) of these and sell from $30-$50 range, depending on condition and the characters you have with it.  Terapeak is showing these with an average price of $39.83 with a sell through rate of 68%.  There are (5) complete collectible sets listed on Amazon for $74.99 and up.  My hearts skips a little beat when I see these! :)

8.  TMX Elmo or Elmo Live

Elmo has always been an "It" toy, but these two in particular are a hot commodity.  A few months back I sold a new TMX Elmo for $90 on Amazon.  Terapeak is showing these with an average price of $29 and a 43% sell through rate.  Terapeak is showing Elmo Live with an average price of $37.83 with a sell through rate of 51%.  There are probably others that are just as popular, so when you come across an interactive Elmo...take a closer look!

9.  Leap Frog Explorer Globe

Yet another hard to find item!  Terapeak shows an average sale price of $41.54 and a whopping 78% sell through rate.  I'm kicking myself for not listing the one I had on eBay!

10.  Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Grand Piano

And the three magic words are "hard to find"!  Terapeak is showing an average price of $37.33 with a 68% sell through rate.  There are none listed on Amazon and only one seller on eBay is offering these for sale right now. 

See now, isn't this fun?  Who doesn't just love toys?  If you want to stay "in the know" of any and all HOT PRODUCTS, make sure to fan our page here!

Stay tuned for my next post (Part 2) of my "Look-out For" List!


  1. Awesome List! Thanks for sharing!!

    Happy GSing!!


  2. Awesome information! Thanks for the pictures..that really helps!

  3. What a great article! Don't suppose you've made a printable list? ;-)

    I can hardly wait for yard sale season to start aroundh ere!

  4. Great list! It will be fun to look for these during yard sale season!

  5. The perfect list of toy items to look for at the upcoming Mommy's Market at our school! Thanks so much!!!

  6. Super duper post! I never know what to look for when it comes to toys. My eyes glaze over and I end up with nothing. This helps sooo much!

  7. I just sold the Fisher Price stage last night for $34.95 Not bad for a $5 investment

  8. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing!