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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Featured eBay Underground Member of the Week

Every Tuesday [okay, so we're a day late this week - sorry!], we will put a spotlight on a Featured eBay Underground Member. We want to get to know other members on eBay Underground, and we want you to get to know each other too!

This week's Featured Member is ...

Becky Pries! Becky sells on eBay at To the Toy Box and Beyond

We sent Becky a list of questions, and here's what she had to say:

Start by telling us a bit about yourself.

My name is Becky and I live in Wisconsin with my husband and 3 children (William 15, Robbie 13, and Ryker15 months) My oldest Ben(18) moved out in February. We have a german shepherd named Garret. We used to live in S.C. where I was a preschool teacher and my husband was a mechanic. I am now a stay at home mom. My youngest teen (Robbie) is hearing impaired and has developmental delays. Oh and I am also a twin. (not identical. Though that would have been cool)

How long have you been selling on eBay? Why did you start?

I started selling on Ebay in February 2010 and opened a store in January of this year.

I had a bunch of Ryker's baby clothes and figured maybe I can make some money on this. I was already buying on ebay so why not try selling.

Do you remember the first item you sold?

When I first started selling, I did auctions and the first thing I sold was a lot of 0-3 months baby boy sleepers with matching hats for $8. I underestimated shipping and ending up selling the clothes at a loss.

What keeps you going during slow sale periods?

When sales are slow, I try to go out and get more inventory to list and hope things pick up. The last few sales I've had, the day before I either showed the item to my sister or talked to her on the phone about it and bam the next day it sold! I figure she is my good luck charm. It does not work all the time though.

Tell us about your favorite buyer.

My favorite buyer was actually on Bonanza. She sent me a message at 2:30 in the morning happy to find a lovey just like the one her son had just thrown up on. and she wanted me to teleport it there because he would not go back to sleep without it.

Tell us about your worst nightmare buyer and how you handled it.

My worse buyer was this lady who had bought a talking 24 inch piglet from me. I had listed it new with tags but the hang tag was bent. She felt that the item was not new and reeked of smoke. (I do not smoke) She also claimed there were stains on the doll and the voice box only worked half the time. She demanded $19 back as she felt the toy was only worth $10. I told her I would have never accepted a BO of $10 and if she was unhappy, she could mail it back for a full refund including return shipping. She refused to return the doll and opened a case. I ended up refunding her $10 and she kept the doll. She then gave me negative feedback which I had asked Ebay to remove. They did and I saw under the feedback I had left for her she wrote "This seller managed to have my negative feedback removed. I no longer trust ebays feedback system.'' What a nut! Oh I also signed up her email address for a Christian Newsletter. I figured if she could lie so easily and steal (she did keep my doll and got $10 back) then she needed Christ in her life.

What was your best sale?

I sold a Stuart Little talking plush doll for $54.00 ( I paid $2)

What purchase for resale did you buy that turned out to be a big mistake?

I don't really spend alot of money on my inventory but I do have several plush that have just been sitting for awhile.

Do you have a niche? What is it and why?

I sell mostly baby and toddler toys and plush. They are cheap and some can turn a good profit.

What is your favorite thing to watch for when you're out thrifting?

I always look for Fisher Price Super Star Sing along stage. I usually find them anywhere between $1-$5 and can resell for $25-$40 I have sold 3 so far and have one left in my store. I also look for Care Bears although these haven't been selling for me. I look mostly at toys and will buy anything I think I can at least triple my investment on.

Tell us one thing you have learned on eBay Underground.

Never underprice your items and use BO. You can always turn down low offers but no one is ever going to offer you more.

Anything else you'd like to comment on?

Without EBUG, I would have never opened a store and probably would not have gotten as many sales as I have.


Thank you, Becky, for giving us a chance to get to know you a little better!

--Jessica & Lesley


Be sure to stop by Becky's eBay store at To the Toy Box and Beyond!

Also stop by our eBay Underground group and tell Becky hello!

And watch out - you might be our next Featured eBay Underground Member! :)

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