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Friday, July 8, 2011

Yard Sale Day!

This morning was grey and gloomy, but I set off with my 4 kids anyway, and we met up with my mom and sister for a day of yard saling. We had a long list of sales, many of which were either multi-family or community yard sales. That doesn't really mean much, but that didn't put a damper on my enthusiasm.

Here's the whole haul, which I snagged for $32.25:

First sale of the day - 8:05 sharp:
  • Black & White Motherhood Maternity Shirt - $2
  • Pyrex 1 1/2 Qt "Designs" casserole - $1
  • 6 tall blue plastic cups (I'm collecting quality plastic dishes for camping trips, and these were just right) - 50 cents
Then we headed to a string of 3-in-1-block. One of them was offering half off everything, and some of the proceeds go to a blah blah blah something something ... I didn't care, I was eyeing up her Florsheims. That's all I bought there. Everything else was gross junk. I didn't buy anything at the second house, and we almost didn't stop at the third house, but my mom wanted to check out the glassware, so we obligingly stopped. I'm glad we did, because none of my clothes fit me right now, and I grabbed a nice blouse for the fall. Fits me perfectly!
  • Florsheims - $3
  • Blouse - 50 cents
Then we headed to the next street, but spotted another one on the way. We could have bought a "Welcome to the Sigler's" sign for only 25 cents. That's a pretty narrow market there ...
  • Conair Easy Holding Hairsetter - $1
Then we headed to an unadvertised porch sale that my sister spotted on her way to meet us. Again, we almost didn't stop. It was pretty small, and mostly overpriced. I spotted a really old-looking game that I've never heard of. I went with my gut on this one, because there's only one currently listed on eBay. It's called Shmo, and just the name made me laugh, but once I got it home and spread it out, I laughed even harder. This game looks like a riot! But not enough of a riot to keep. It'll be going up this evening, but I'm a Shmo and that ain't good....

  • Shmo Dice Game - $3
Then we headed down the road to an indoor church sale. These always hold such promise, but this one just wasn't all that exciting. It was very nicely organized, so I'll give them that much. Each Sunday School class was its own shopping department. I only bought 2 things there:
  • Fire King Candleglow casserole - 25 cents (fortunately. what a dud.)
  • Red Clarks mules - $1.00
Next, we drove quite a few more miles than we intended to to get to the next one, and we got there just as it started to drizzle! But the seller held out for us. Jacob bought a shopping bag of Legos for 75 cents (which are currently strewn all over the floor and abandoned - argh). I got a small plush Gund ducky for my sister's baby shower this weekend, and a huge Funshine Care Bear. I have quit buying Funshine, but I'll still pick up the really big ones. Finally, for Sarah's birthday, my mom bought her The Little Mermaid DVD, but it doesn't play on our DVD player for some reason. She can watch it on the computer, but let's face it - I'm usually on the computer. I got her a VHS copy of it today.
  • Ducky - $1
  • Care Bear - $3
  • Little Mermaid - $1
Then we drove even FURTHER to what looked like a great sale! Toddler girl clothes galore, and toys toys toys! But just as we pulled in, the skies opened up and we sadly watched as the sellers threw a tarp over their stuff. :(  But we hung in there. We sat in the van playing the Junk in Mom's Van Alphabet Game for 20 minutes until the rain let up. I'm undecided on whether it was worth it or not. My sister got a shelf. My mom got nothing. I got 4 pieces of Gymboree and a Lilly Pulitzer dress. They had a Bumbo, but not priced within my resale budget. Maybe someone will come along who is willing to pay $20 for it, but that someone won't be me!
  • 4 pieces Gymboree + Lilly Pulitzer dress - $3
The rain let up just enough for us to drive to one last sale, but again, the downpour started as we got out of the car. I'm REALLY glad we made the effort for this one though!
  • Lego set 4587, new in box - $5 (not a huge seller. I'll list it, but if it's still around at Christmas time, it'll become a gift)
  • Mega Bloks Harley Davidson ProBuilder V-Rod, new in box - $5. I'm very excited about this one. There's only one listed on eBay right now for $70.something auction, or $99 BIN. I hope to get at least $50 out of it.
  • Men's Teva sandals - $2 - I'm hoping these will fit my husband, because he's desperate for some good sandals, and these are the same style as the junky Target ones that broke after he wore them 4 times.
So that's it. I always love it when I find a good mix of stuff to sell and stuff that we needed anyway. I'll try to remember to update as this stuff sells.

What have you found this week? Come join us at eBay Underground and post your finds!


  1. I love Fire-King Candleglow, I am at a total loss as to why it isn't a good seller - it makes no sense! :(

  2. I went back to my favorite t.s store today to pick up a telephone seatie I spotted the day before. I am totally in love. It needs a little work and if I am not too lazy I plan to redo the seat in a different fabric. Im going to write a blog later about it. I offered him $15 and he accepted. Then he told me that it was redonated. The lady who bought it 3 months ago moved and brought it back. I should have asked him how much she paid for it. I might have got a better deal. So he got paid twice for the same item.

  3. opps I was so excited to tell you about my seat I forgot to say great finds. I really wish we had better yard sales here. That game looks cool.