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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Buying Shoes for Resale, Part 6 - Shipping your Shoes

Today is the finale! In case you missed the first 5 parts:
Today I'm going to talk about shipping shoes. There's really not much to this part. It's pretty self-explanatory. :)   Please excuse these horrible pictures. I was trying to beat the mail carrier, and the morning sun comes in that window pretty strongly.  I feel silly even including pictures in this post, because I really don't do anything too special.

I always slip a business card into one shoe.

Then I place one shoe in the center of a large sheet of tissue paper.

I wrap the tissue over and around that shoe, then place the second shoe next to it. This keeps a layer of tissue between the shoes and prevents them from rubbing against each other in the package.

Wrap it up all nice and neat (or not so nice and neat, as in this case...)

Drop it in the box.

And add a wad of newspaper.

Seal up your box, slap on a label, and put it out for the mail carrier! That's it.

Of course, there are lots of ways to ship shoes. I used to just throw them in the box with the newspaper, but I suspect those shoes rubbed. I think the tissue is just a nice touch. Maybe someday I'll slip the tissue-wrapped bundle into a plastic bag, but I'm in no hurry to add that unnecessary step and expense.

So yes, I know it took forEVER, but the shoe series is finally done. Eventually, I'd like to get the whole series together into an ebook, but I make no promises on when that will get done. Real life goes on here at the Shoe Palace.

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  1. Great series - thank you! Can I ask what size/type box you use? Is it priority mail? Thank you!

  2. As often as I can, I use the priority regional rate box A. They ship for the same price as a 2-pound package and you can order them here:

    Any that don't fit in that box, I ship in a priority shoe box, which is 15x8x5. There's usually a good bit of empty space in them though. They go by weight and can be ordered here:

    For international buyers, I was scrounging around looking for plain boxes but had a hard time with that, so I eventually ordered some 14x8x6 boxes off eBay. They are usually too big too, but that was the best size I could find.

    Also as often as possible, I ship sandals in padded flat rate mailers.