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Monday, July 11, 2011

Bring your eBay listing to life with video!

 For months, I’ve been holding onto several items that I wanted to list.  These items are unique because they are interactive toys and I felt the best way to describe it on eBay was to showcase what it actually does with video and audio. 

I have a great camera that not only takes pictures, but easily switches to video format too.  So once I was done taking the pictures, I took a quick video.  Then I uploaded that video to my Photobucket account.

It’s very easy to add your video to your listing, here’s what you can do too:

    First, take the video of your product in action.

Next, upload the video to a site such as Photobucket or You Tube and then copy the HTML code.

    Finally, paste the HTML code into the eBay description body labeled
     HTML as shown below.   **Make sure that you can see the video within the listing. If the link takes your customer off eBay to Youtube, it is a listing violation.
    Voila, you now have a way to showcase your product on eBay and show your potential customers how it works!  That was fun.... :-))
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    1 comment:

    1. Awesome post Lesley! I've done this on my talking TJ Bearytales