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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Top eBay Moments This Week

During the past week, I had a total of 27 sales. They're even all paid for except one, and it was just from yesterday, so she's got plenty of time yet. :)

My favorite sales this week:

Up first is these Born sandals. They sold super-fast, 2 hours after I listed them! I don't understand why, because I personally don't like the style at all, but I'll not question it when I paid $4.97 and sold them so quickly for $28.

This was another quick sale. I had a lot of those this week. This Birthday Bear Care Bear was listed for 6 days when someone bought him for my full asking price of $29.99. I paid 60 cents!

A couple years ago, I was pretty heavily into the drugstore games. I wish I still was, but I just don't have time for that right now. I accumulated all of these during that time. They probably even made me money when I bought them. Two years later, I still have them, so clearly I'm never going to use them. They are off to Arkansas for $22 - also just a couple days after listing them.

These, on the other hand, I have had since LAST August!! How embarrassing. I don't know why. There's nothing wrong with them (except that horrid picture!). I relisted them as a new listing last week for a fixed price of $25 and they sold within a day or two of relisting. I paid $2.99 last summer.

I bought this set for $15 last summer from another homeschool mom, thinking we'd use it later. Not too far into the year last year, my daughter decided she hated Saxon. I hung onto it for awhile, but finally decided on a different math from now on, so this set sold for $44.99 with free shipping. Not bad for something that didn't even start out as an eBay investment.

Merrells always sell pretty quickly for me. These were no exception. They sold for $30 after being listed for 4 days. I paid $4.97 for them.

This was easily my favorite sale of the week. Do you remember An American Tail? I was pretty excited to find this giant stuffed Fievel at my Goodwill for 99 cents. After researching, I decided to price him crazy-high at $59.99 or best offer, with free domestic shipping. He sold this week for my full asking price! And the best part?? He's going to Ireland, so I didn't even have to pay the shipping!


  1. I spotted a pair of ladies loafer type Born's at my favorite consignment shop a couple of weeks ago.
    They were a size 5-6 priced at $2.95.
    I get the feeling I should have grabbed those shoes? Do the smaller sizes sell very well?
    Maybe they are still there.

  2. Borns are hit or miss. If they are priced right, I usually buy them, but they often sit for awhile. I don't have a huge amount of luck with the small sizes, but every now and then a pair will sell. I dunno ... for $2.95, I'd have probably grabbed them.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    just picked up a pr of Clarks, Merrell and Men's Ugg Shoes. My local likes to write the price on the bottom with marker, any ideas what will get that off? I hate to use something like paint thinner. thanks in advance,
    Rebecca @

  4. I gotta' hand it to you. You know what you're doing and can really sell some shoes. Whenever I look at my local Goodwill, I never see the brands you talk about and then I get so confused by the whole idea, I just say "forget it." Maybe it's because for me, I need to love what I sell in order to get excited about it. "Follow your bliss," as they say. Same with the plush animals and toys. I know nothing about them and picking through gigantic piles of toys is just overwhelming, so I move on to what I like and love, glassware, china, vintage and home decor items. I don't make as much money as you do on most of my items, but it's like slavery even when you love what you sell, so I have to love something about what I sell in order to get excited about putting in the super-human effort it takes and I get a real thrill when a buyer is captivated by the same thing I see in an item. I do appreciate all your tips and tricks that are applicable to any online seller and as a subscriber I read them daily. Thank you for all you do for all of us. I have really learned a lot from you and not a day goes by that I don't take inspiration from something you've taught me. Many times, I whisper under my breath, "Jessica said to . . . ."

  5. Awww, Jenny ... you're making me blush! Thank you for your kind words :D

    Rebecca ... it depends. For the silver marker, I have great luck with Goo Gone. For black, if it's on a black sole, I just use the Kelly's Sole Dressing on the whole sole, which covers up the price. For red marker.... nothing in the world takes off that stupid red marker. I usually resort to coloring a neat oval over it with black Sharpie. :(