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Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Top eBay Moments This Week

I really enjoy reading other eBay bloggers' top sales for the week, so I'm going to start doing the same. Because I can't think for myself. Thanks for the idea, gals! :)

After a really crummy June, I am VERY excited with how my July has been going! I have had 32 sales in the past week. 2 of them cancelled before I shipped (what's up with that??), and 1 currently has an unpaid item case open that will be closing tonight or tomorrow. But one of the items that the buyer backed out on sold 2 days later, so there. :-P

Here are some of my favorite sales from the last week:

I paid $3.90 for these sandals LAST AUGUST! I'd have probably let them go for $10 just to be rid of them, but they sold for $25.

I paid $3.48 for these rollers this past May. I got an offer for $20 earlier in the day, but before I could respond to that offer, someone else snagged them for my full asking price of $39.99!

This American Girl gown was given to my daughter over the winter. I let her wear it, despite the fact that it was just too small for her, but after winter was over, I decided to sell it. It hung in my eBay room for 3 months. Finally, I listed it last week and it sold within a couple days for $45.

These were my own Revere Ware pans from the back of my cupboard. I haven't used them since I replaced all my saucepans with my beloved Vision Ware a year and a half ago. I was going to put them in the yard sale for a buck apiece, but once they sold for $30, I was glad I didn't! (Oh, and they went to the UK, so my buyer paid an additional $30 shipping. Who does that?? Who pays $60 for 2 used cruddy pans??)

I paid $3.07 for this monster 16" turntable in May. It sold last night for my full asking price of $29.99. Why do people pay full price instead of making offers? I guess when you're desperate to get your microwave working again, you don't want to waste time on offers...

I paid $1 for these hot rollers at a yard sale last Friday. They sold the same day I listed them, again for my full asking price of $39.99!

And finally ... this one wasn't mine. I sold it for my brother's girlfriend. She's a big girl now, so she pees in the potty. hahaha! Just kidding, Charmane!  She paid $15 for it on Craigslist over the winter. She told me she wanted to get $85 out of it. We got several offers the first two days it was listed, so I finally set my auto-decline to decline anything less than $75. I woke up to an $85 offer this morning! Perfect!

So those were the highlights. I tried to cut it back to just my top 5, but I couldn't. What have you sold this week?

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  1. geesh I paid $24.99 for my entire microwave at target lol However the glass turn table did break and I havent replaced it. I sold a Care Bear cousin Pig for $86 something minus shipping so like $83 profit (I paid a buck for it at GW and at first I wasn't going to buy it) I got feedback on it today so I know they are happy. I did a sales blog as well but mine was yesterday