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Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Top eBay Moments This Week

I almost forgot this post! I had a good week, up until yesterday. All the whackos came out yesterday. "Where's my package?? I live far away, but it should have been here as soon as I confirmed payment!" "This is broken, you misrepresenting liar! I hope all of your shoes aren't falling apart like these are!"

Ok, maybe not those exact words, but those words were implied by the tone.... Oh, and I got myself another neutral today. Someone bought a $1 set of replacement pieces to a board game and apparently wasn't ecstatic about it, so they gave me a neutral. "Arrived on time."  Huh?  Seems that particular buyer has a real habit of doing that, according to

I also sold a board game that the buyer immediately asked to cancel. She didn't mean to buy it. /eyeroll/

Anyway ... I sold 94 items this week. That sounds like a crazy-high number, but most of them were very low dollar shoe care products. I only sold 8 pairs of shoes, but I sold 64 jars of shoe cream. Geez. So much for working smarter, not harder.

My favorites:

I thought for sure this would sell faster than it did. It's new in the package. I paid 84 cents for it in June. It finally sold this week for $17.99 (-$5.45 shipping).

This was another super-slow sale. They're Privos (by Clarks), in fantastic condition. BUT ... they're a size 6. Size 6 is a tough sell. It's my slowest selling category, and most of my oldest shoe inventory is size 6. I've got to learn to quit picking them up. They just don't sell. I paid $9.90 for these LAST October (2010). They finally sold this week for $20 + shipping. Totally not worth it.

I used to sell on Addoway. Correction. I used to LIST on Addoway. I only ever sold 2 or 3 things there, so I finally closed down my booth. I had someone send me a message this week about an old Pac-Man game I had listed there months ago, wondering if I still had it. I didn't have that exact one, but I had this one. (Same game - third one I've found). I listed it on Addoway and sent her a message with a link to the listing. An hour later, it sold on eBay! So I had to message the Addoway buyer and let her know that it had just sold and was no longer available. You snooze, you lose.

Always buy this game when you see it. Like I said, this is the third one I've bought and sold. I've sold them all in the $25-$30 range. I paid $3 for this one at a yard sale in September and sold it for $29.99 (-$5.09 shipping).

I used to sell a lot of Vision Ware. It's not the easiest thing in the world to store and ship though, so I've gotten pretty picky about the VW that I buy. It needs to be either a 2.5 L saucepan or a casserole/dutch oven, or I don't bother. No teflon on the bottom, and NO skillets. If I find a 1.5 L, I'll buy it though, because "someone" broke mine. Apparently that's the size I use most often, because I'm going crazy without it.  Anyway ... rabbit trail ... this was a 2.5. I paid $4.21 for it in October and sold it this week for $29.99 plus shipping.

This was a quick flip! Normal-sized Funshine Bears don't sell well, but I always buy the huge ones when I see them. This one was 20" and super-soft. I paid $1.48 for it on November 28. It already sold for $29.99 + shipping.

The next day, I sold the goofy version. I have had this guy since January, so I may not bother buying this one again (except the one my sister-in-law just brought me a couple weeks ago). I paid $3.17 for it and sold it for $29.99 plus shipping.

This sale makes me laugh. I paid $4.20 for these in Virginia during an impromptu road trip this past August. I decided to keep them. I wore them often, but then recently decided I was bored with them, so I listed them. They sold 2 days later for my full asking price of $30 (-$4.90 shipping). How can I not love a job that allows me to get full use out of my merchandise, and STILL sell it for my full asking price??

I've had these awhile, and I really thought they would sell quickly. They're suede Converse. I paid $7.90 for them in May and just sold them for $30 + shipping. For 5 cents a month in listing fees, it was worth the wait, and I will continue to buy good condition Converse when I see them.

I so desperately wanted to keep these for myself. They were even my size. But I have absolutely zero use for red pumps, so I sadly listed them. I paid $6.97 for them in October and just listed them last week. I even tried to sabotage the sale by listing them higher than I normally list my Clarks. But that was no deterrent to someone who actually DOES have a use for red pumps. They sold the next day for my full asking price of $35 ($5.45 shipping). I didn't even get a chance to borrow them :(

I just cannot keep Merrells stocked for the life of me. I paid $2.99 for these at the end of November. I listed them 3 days ago and sold them yesterday for $40 (-$6.65 shipping).

And last but not least, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Buy SAS shoes. Only in good condition of course, but they are an excellent brand! I paid $2.99 for these on November 19. I listed them December 11th and sold them 3 days later for $40 + shipping.

This week was an interesting mix of quick flips and old inventory....

What did you sell?


  1. Hi some great sales there. Glad I found your blog. It gives me hope that perhaps I can do more with ebay this year(2012). I would be happy earning from ebay. I am here in the uk.
    I have not listed anything lately as I thought maybe things would be quiet & not pick up till February when everyone has been to the january sales. What do you think? x

  2. Hey, I'm a size 6. Going to check your listings!

  3. Clamco - I'll cut you a deal if I've had them for awhile :)

    No Spend - I sell year round! And people buy year round!

  4. i bought a couple of hallmark mini collectible ornaments from the 90's (santa and reindeer on motorcycle, dorothy red slippers, snoopy snowboarding) for 50 cents each and resold all three for about 20 bucks each less 2-5 dollars in shipping. sold these within 2 weeks of listing.
    bought pampered chef chopper at GW for 2.99 and resold for 26.99 less shipping within 3 days of listing. not bad quick little flips!

  5. My favorite sale of the week was a Lego Duplo lap table w/ 300+ duplo blocks (both on and off brand). Sold it for $85 + free shipping ($20!) But only paid $4 for the whole lot! Even with shipping its still a nice profit margin!

  6. I sold Cranium Super Mega Fort that I paid $6 at two different yard sales for $160 minus $20 shipping! I also found a 1940's Mein Kampf in the cardboard recycling bin that I'm listing for between $80 and $100. I've already had some inquiries on it from Europe. December has been really awesome--I've sold so much!

  7. Ahh you had a pretty good week.
    My week has been ripe with complaints and unpaid cases.
    Paypal is holding my funds for 30 days now and I know it is because 2 cases of unpaids are open. GRRRRR!
    Onto my sales:
    Barney,titanic model,ugly Christmas flats, and a jersey from Pittsburgh Steelers.
    You must tell me your secret to the Funshine bear because I have had NO luck selling it.:)

  8. Is it the huge super-soft one? I've sold 2 of them, both fairly quickly. The paler fleece-like pillow pal sat for a LONG time.

    I've also found that Care Bears sell more quickly when they're on a dark background, not white.

  9. Thanks I will try that.
    I am trying to do a better job on my photos. Love the photoscape. Was using picasa but can't figure out how to fill in colors.
    I used your tutorial on that. Thanks.

  10. I love those those black shoes you got in Virginia! Could you tell me what brand they are? I'd like to see if I can find a pair for myself!

  11. Jennifer, they are Privo by Clarks, style number 75914.

  12. You've had a better week than I - not sure where all the "Christmas" sales are but I am hearing crickets chirping in my store. Not sure what's going on. And I'm done with size 6's also - they just sit and sit and sit!