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Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Top eBay Moments This Week

I need a "Top eBay Moments" logo. Anyone out there do that sort of thing??

Last Christmas, I hadn't really built up my store as much as I needed to in order to really experience a good Christmas selling season. This year, I was really looking forward to this big booming Christmas season, but I haven't seen it yet. I hear that I'm not the only one. It's pretty disappointing, but my sales have been steady for the most part, so I won't complain.

I had another good week, customer-wise. My last 1-month negative fell into the 6-months category, so I feel really good about that. My DSR's are climbing back up and should start falling off my 3-month evaluations in the next week or so. I survived the worst feedback month I've ever experienced. Yay!

I sold 47 items this week. That is definitely less than I have been selling lately. My dollar amounts are lower as well. I only sold 5 pairs of shoes. I have about 50 pairs that I really need to get listed in the next week or so! People are buying more of my NWT items and I've really sold a LOT of clothing this week, both new and pre-owned.

My favorite sales:

My sister's boyfriend's mother passed away a couple months ago, and I am listing a lot of her wardrobe. I just listed this last night. It's a cowl neck sweater dress from JP Knits. Nothing special about it, but it's plus size. I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to an offer already this morning. Sold for $20, free shipping ($4.70).

Tap shoes always sell well for me. I've sold girls', women's, men's. I've sold flat mary janes, heels, lace up jazz tap shoes. These are Bloch brand girls' tap shoes. I paid $2.99 for them in October and sold them this week for $25, free shipping ($5.00).

This was also given to me last week. My sister-in-law brought me a really big pile of coats and jackets from one of her neighbors. She said, "Keep what you want, sell the rest." I really like this one and would have kept it for my 8 year old, but we've got SO many coats and jackets, it's not even funny. There was another orange plaid hooded jacket in the pile, so I gave my son the choice of which one he wanted. Lucky for me, he wanted to keep the non-brand name one and I got to sell the Lands' End one. This sold 2 days after I listed it, for my full asking price of $29.99, free shipping ($5.45).

Last January, I bought a 6-piece set of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer plush at a local thrift store. They are all CVS brand. I didn't expect them to do really well because of that, but they were half off, so I went for it. I got this Santa, a Rudolph, a huge Bumble, Sam the Snowman, Yukon Cornelius, and Hermie the Elf. I paid $7.95 for them and listed them individually. Because it was just after Christmas, they sold very slowly, but they did finally all sell. The Santa was the last one I had, and it sold this week for $29.99 + shipping. Total sales from that $7.95 investment? $147.96!!

This wasn't mine. I sold it for my sister-in-law. She sold on eBay for a brief spell, but because she was brand new, she had a hard time getting any sales at all, so she finally asked me to sell her Care Bears for her. This one sold within just a few days for my full asking price of $29.99 + shipping! Some Pillow Pals do better than others. I've had Love-a-Lot, Funshine Bear, Cheer Bear, and now this Friend Bear. Friend Bear sold quickly. The others didn't. But when they did finally sell, it was for a good profit, so I'll continue buying them.

I paid $1.50 for these suede Dansko sandals at the Goodwill bins in October. They weren't even in awful shape, as a lot of GW bin shoes are. They just needed a suede brush, and the insoles needed cleaned up. They sold this week for $45, free shipping ($4.70).

I'm really surprised these Uggs didn't sell faster than they did. I paid $5 for them in May. But they were a size 5 or 6, which isn't a fast-selling size for me. I did finally sell them for my full asking price of $45 + shipping this week.

I just woke up to this sale this morning! I paid $5 for them at a yard sale in July. You know your kid has too many toys if he doesn't even open up his Lego sets! An Australian buyer bought this set this morning for my full asking price of $49.99 + shipping. Shipping to Australia is always so expensive. They paid an extra $23 to ship these. And they chose First Class Mail, so I hope they aren't expecting it in time for Christmas.

I'm sure you all are well aware of my love of Doc Martens. They always sell very well for me, and these were no exception. I paid $5.99 for these in October. I couldn't find this pair listed anywhere (they zip up), so I listed them high at $99.99 or best offer. I knew full well I wouldn't get that much, but I was hoping to get at least $50 out of them. Someone offered me $35 the other day, and I almost declined, but I thought I'd counteroffer instead. I countered with $60. She came back with $45. I countered with $50. She came back with $43. Wrong direction! Our buyers only get 3 chances to make an offer, and she had used hers up. I knew if she wanted them badly enough, she would have to pay whatever I sent her back as a counteroffer, or she'd have to pay full price. I could have been ignorant and gone back up to $60, but I countered with $50 and she bought them. I'm sure I could have gotten more if I'd waited, but again - size 6. Slow seller. I'm happy with the $50.

And my top sale of the week! I had entered this beauty in our Ugly Christmas Sweater contest on the discussion board, but I didn't get any bids on it. I had started it at $29.99 and only had a couple watchers (from our group, I think). I was VERY pleasantly surprised when it sold this week at my full asking price of $69.99, free shipping ($6.65) !!

What were your favorite sales this week?


  1. I sold the last of the Pyrex that I picked up for $.25 apiece and also sold some of my daughter's doll clothes for a price that made her happy.

  2. Thanks for your blog! I've really enjoyed your posts and have started to sell more seriously because of your experiences on here. Contracting for a job that was really stressful full-time, I needed to find part-time income in between assignments.
    That said, I listed four rolls of Mrs. Grossman's stickers that I bought at the local thriftstore for $1.99 and so far three have sold at $12.99 each. It's a great feeling! Thanks again for showing how it's done - great tips and keep 'em comin!

  3. I've had a better week. Nothing great, but I've sold 8 items so it's been about normal for me and I'm thankful for it!