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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Just Might Be Able to Do This After All!

Yesterday I was out of town for a doctor's appointment. I was by myself. The kids were at home with my husband, who was doing school with them. There was no set time that I had to be home. This town has 2 larger thrift stores that I don't often get to go to. It was the perfect opportunity for some relaxing take-my-time-browsing shopping! But guess what. I didn't do it. I went to the doctor and the bank, and then I came straight home. It did sting just a little, but I lived to tell the tale! I think getting past that first shopping opportunity may have been the hardest one. It's all easy coasting from here to the end of the year. I hope!


  1. Yep.
    It stings a little. 2 yard sales last weekend that I passed by. And I wanted to stop, but I am on a buying fast!
    So I went home and listed stuff I have in boxes and had the best weekend in sales yet.
    Its working.
    List list list and they will buy buy buy.
    WE can all do this!

  2. I had a question. Is there any other pay service we can use besides Paypal for our Ebay accounts? I have just heard so many horror stories about them and there is another one this morning on Warning, she has some language on her post but makes a valid point about the shady ways of Paypals practices. As a new Ebay seller it is concerning.

    And you are stronger than I. I already broke down and went to the Goodwill Outlet. Considering it a small set back and renewing my conviction to stay out of the stores!

  3. There is a credit card service you are allowed to use. I think it's called ProPay, but I'm pretty sure you have to pay for it. Other than that, eBay and Paypal are joined at the hip, so there are really no other options. Bummer, huh?

  4. I'm not shopping for more inventory either until after the first of the year. There is an estate sale this weekend, but DH and I are going Christmas shopping instead.