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Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Top eBay Moments This Week

I'm writing this post a day early, so my numbers are gonna be off a bit.

I sold 64 items this week (some of which overlapped with last week, because I'm using 7 day data but it's only been 6 days since my last Top Moments post). I sold a TON of shoe creams this week. I'm pretty sure they made up at least half of my sales, quantity-wise. 

Good news! Last week, I had a negative feedback switch from the 1 month column to the 6 month column. This week, I had a neutral make the same switch. So now instead of an ugly-looking "1 neutral, 3 negatives" in that "1 month" column, I just have "2 negatives," which looks so much better.

My favorite sales from the week:

I have had 2 of these Vision Ware 2.5 quart casseroles for what feels like forever. I've had them listed for $24.99 each. I got an offer the other day for $12 each (she wanted both). Normally, I would have declined that offer, but for some reason, I decided to counter offer. I think I just wanted them gone. I counter-offered for $18 each and she accepted! I paid $6.25 for one of them in May and $5.29 for the other in June. So I turned $11.50 into $36 plus shipping. Not awful. I'm just glad they're sold. I'll have to ship them out Friday morning. I'm really looking forward to THAT packaging project. /sarcasm

Another new with tags Columbia sale. This was a neat pale green blouse with pale yellow tropical fish on it. Retail price $40. I paid $4.50 for it in September and sold it this week for $24.99 with free shipping ($2.43).

If you aren't convinced yet that microwave turntables are a good seller, I don't know what more to say or do. For awhile I quit buying them, because I already had a tall stack and didn't want to have to start a second stack. But then I sold several in one week and came to my senses. I've bought 10 or 15 in the past couple weeks that I need to get cleaned up and list. They list quickly, so I don't know what the hold up is. I paid $1.13 for this one in July and sold it this week for my full asking price of $24.99. When someone buys a turntable for my full asking price, I generally upgrade the shipping from parcel to priority, even if it costs me a few bucks. I figure it's the least I can do for them being respectful of my asking price. I get SO many lowball offers on turntables, it's disgusting. So this buyer will be pleasantly surprised to get their turntable much sooner than they expected!

Another new with tags item from the infamous yard sale. I wish I had gone for a higher price on this coat. Retail price is $60. I paid $7.25 for it in September. With all of this new with tags stuff, I have been aiming for a selling price of at least half of retail. I must have been having a slow sales day, because I accepted an offer of $27.50 plus shipping on this.
These shoes are neat looking. They sat in my store with no interest whatsoever. Two days ago, I ended the listing and relisted using the "Sell Similar" link instead of the "Relist" link. They sold the next day! I'm convinced that's a magic solution to selling old stock. I paid $3.97 for these in February. Yes, February! I was so glad to see them go this week for $30 and free shipping ($6.65).

I took this picture in the bed of our pickup truck while I was waiting for my daughter during her horseback riding lesson a few weeks ago. I usually wait about an hour and I have no cell service there (gasp!), so this particular week, I took a basket of already cleaned but not polished shoes, my travel case of shoe polish supplies, my backdrop, and my camera. During that hour, I got 12 pairs polished, buffed, and photographed. I paid $6.97 for these SAS shoes in October and sold them this week for $45 and free shipping ($8.20).

Did you sell anything this week that has a fun story behind it?


  1. I am always excited to read your SALES post. It always made my day. Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I've had this since July at $60 or best offer. 2 people looked at it. Yesterday I changed the listing and added the word Modernist. It sold within the hour for my asking price of $30. I paid $1.00.