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Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Top eBay Moments This Week

I'd like to thank you all for your supportive comments on my last grumpy post. It's very helpful to know that I'm not just being defensive, and that my buyer really was out of line.

In this week's Top Moments post, I'm not going to mention ANY of my downs from the week (believe me, there were plenty). I'm going to stay upbeat and focus on all the ups (believe me, there were plenty of those too!). I have to shift my focus. Every couple of weeks, I find that I need an attitude adjustment. My income isn't required. I need to learn to be grateful for the income I do have, and not focus on the stupido's out there.

So without further ado .. I sold 61 items this week, 15 of which were shoes. I sold a good mix of older and newer inventory this week. I am on day 3 of a 3-day 15% off shoes sale. I've sold a few, but it didn't spark the higher sales that my 25% off sale caused last week. I think this afternoon I will study my sales over the past few weeks. I think Tuesdays have traditionally been my slowest days. If that proves to be true, I will try to run a 25% off sale next Tuesday, one day only. I need to work on boosting my sales on those slow days.

My favorites - because I'm not talking about the downs, I have extra ups to talk about :)

I had one of these that my babies had outgrown, and I found a second one at a yard sale this summer for a quarter. I had them listed in one listing with a quantity of two available. I sold both to the same buyer for $10 each. Not a huge dollar amount, but turning a quarter into $20 isn't bad at all.

This was part of a lot I bought in September. I bought a Big Jim Safari Hut and all of these Big Jim accessories were in it. Naturally, none of these pieces actually went WITH the Safari Hut set, so I had to sell them separately. I thought it would be a big seller, but alas. I sold the hut for $10.50 at auction awhile ago, sold 2 pieces of accessories for $6, and sold the rest of them yesterday for $17. Again, nothing earth shattering, but I ended up with $33.50 from my initial $6.35 investment.

This guy was my daughter's. Squeeze him and he roars and says, "My name is Bufford, and I'm proud to make your acquaintance!"  He sold for $18.99 (-$2.94 shipping).

My sister's boyfriend's mother died recently. She had more clothes than I have ever seen in one home before. I picked out the nicest stuff to sell for them on eBay. I ended up with 76 pieces total. This was the first one that sold for $19.99 (-$2.43 shipping).

This wasn't a big exciting sale either, but it makes me smile. I paid $1.50 at a yard sale in June, but only because it was still in the wrapper. I sold it for $19.99 (-$6.65 shipping).

Now we're getting into the higher sellers. I thought for sure these Eccos would sell quickly because of the crazy color, but I put off listing them until it was too late for northern hemisphere spring and summer. I paid more for these than I would have liked ($9.90), but they still did alright. I sold them to an Australian buyer (where it IS spring, headed into summer) for $29.75. I had them listed with free domestic shipping, but because it was an international sale, she paid the shipping too.

These were another item from the new with tags yard sale I went too in September. They are just plain ol' men's Columbia pants. I paid $7 for them and sold them for $39.99 (-$4.75 shipping).

And another yard sale find - a Columbia 3X women's fleece vest. I paid $7 for it and sold it for my full asking price of $41.99 (-$3.28 shipping).

These sold quickly! I paid $4.99 for them on October 20 and sold them this week for my full asking price of $50 (-$5.08 shipping). I love Danskos!

The next day, I sold my black ones. I paid $8.97 for these in July and sold them for $50.00 plus shipping. I'm always willing to pay more for Danskos (up to $10), because I know they're a guaranteed $50 sale.

I sold this for my aunt. An older woman from her church gave it to my cousin, who just wasn't interested in dolls. My aunt kept very good care of the doll for all these years and asked me to sell it for her this summer, hoping for a tidy sum. I looked her up, but completeds showed that she was only selling for $5-10. I took a risk and listed her high, figuring I could always accept less later. She sold this week for my full asking price of $69.99 plus shipping! My aunt was thrilled!

And last but not least, another yard sale find - new with tags Timberland puffer coat. I paid $9 for it. I had someone message me to ask if it was authentic. I had to confess that I couldn't say 100% for sure, but that everything else that I had bought that day had proven to be authentic, so I thought so. I didn't hear back from them, and that afternoon, a different buyer bought it for my full asking price of $73.99 plus shipping!

At that yard sale, I bought 120 items for $717.75. To date, I have sold 37 items for $1030.47. I'm at a profit of $300 and I still have 83 items left to sell!

How about you? What were the highs of your week? (Remember, no lows today. Focusing on the highs!)


  1. How do you usually ship your plush animals? I have acquired quite a few to get listed, but am unsure of the best and most economical way to package and ship them.


  2. I just ship them in a polymailer unless they have a voice box or other breakable parts. Then I ship them in a box.

  3. My high for the week was the American Girl horse I found for $5 at a yard sale on Saturday and have already gotten positive feedback from the buyer! It sold BIN for $59.99. I also have an Our Generation pink jeep listed with three bids so far that I'm excited about. I paid $10 for that. Nothing else great going on--I won't even mention the unpaid case I had to open and possibly another one tomorrow, LOL.