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Monday, February 21, 2011

What do you love to shop for?

Every woman finds herself drawn to something when she’s out shopping, whether it’s shoes, bags or jewelry. My weakness is jackets. I find myself now searching them out at the thrift stores. A few weeks ago I found this Pea in the Pod maternity jacket; for the record I am NOT pregnant, however it fit me like a glove! I'm still not sure how I feel about that, but anyway...I paid $7 for this jacket and figured I would get to wear it a little before selling it. It sold before I had a chance to wear it in public. I did however contract myself to model it for this photo which I’m sure helped seal the deal to my buyer!


Last week I found three more jackets. Sure I could have picked up more, but I’m quite picky about what I put my money into and you should be too. Seek out those unique “diamond” items, not the dime-a-dozen stuff.

I especially loved this yellow Pendleton 100% virgin wool blazer that I think someone would just love for Easter. I also found this tailored Banana Republic “made in Italy” blazer, which I have been borrowing quite a bit lately! In a nutshell I’m seeking out classic yet stylish must have pieces because that’s how I like to shop. Shopping for eBay inventory is a lot more fun when you actually like what you are purchasing.

Seeking out quality rather than quantity is just as important. It’s easy to get caught up in getting tons of things listed, but I have learned to work a little smarter. One quality piece that will yield $60, is much better than six $10 items.

Leave a comment below of what your “Go To” item is while out shopping and join us in our discussion group on Facebook.

Happy eBaying!


  1. I always beeline straight for the shoes! (obviously)

    In some of the bigger thrift stores I road trip to, I can easily fill my cart with just shoes. I love it!

  2. I love to shop for vintage clothing! Although it is getting harder and harder to find the later styles..I've noticed that a lot of vintage 80s are selling... especially to the younger generation. From my research having a live model does help to seal the deal...I just have not had one on a consistent basis.
    You did a lovely job modeling the jacket as mentioned in this post!

  3. Here is my drill:
    Walk straight to shoes.... pick up a few
    Walk back to the mugs and ceramic pretties to look for something unusual
    Take a quick once over on the electronics shelf "just in case"
    Walk over to ties to see if they have any neat novelties
    Walk through mens shirts looking for something that jumps out at me.... boo! ACKKKK!
    Take out my pda and scan books
    Dang I'm tired! But my pockets are full!

  4. I love looking for Vintage Sheets and Pottery Barn Kids Sheets! Also like looking for Williams Sonoma dishes!