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Friday, February 11, 2011

eBay Mentoring Program - Part 2

My last post was about our eBay Underground mentoring program so I wanted to let you all know how that was going. If you remember, we offer FREE store or listing reviews for all of our group members. We have had both new store owners, who need a little direction, as well as long time sellers who need a fresh perspective.

I had the pleasure of reviewing a couple of stores and it was a fun learning exercise for me. I’ve always checked out other sellers because I think that’s a good habit to get into. Why not see how other professionals do it and strive to better your “look” on eBay, as well as your bottom line?

Here is a sample of some of the feedback we have received so far:

Dana P.
“Just want everyone to know that I got my review yesterday and it was full of great advice. These gals are wonderful. Everyone that is new to selling should really get their stores analyzed. Special thanks to Lesley and Dana, you guys rock!”

Patricia K.
“I too would like everyone to know that I also got my review back from Michelle & Shannon on my store and it was very professional and impressive. I very much appreciate all the great information, tips and areas pointed out that I really need to work on and change. What a wonderful gift of their time and expertise…Thank you both very much!”

Kathryn V.
“Thank you Ginger and Rachel for my review! Even though I am on the ‘Analyzing Team’, I knew I could benefit from the review! I have already started making changes!”

Kari S.
“Seriously…WOW on the review Tina gave me. I can not rave enough on how much valid information I was given. I highly recommend anyone doing this. She really will change how I run this business and I’m betting it will be for the best. Thank you Tina!”

Needless to say, seeing the interest generated from our members who want to take advantage of this service, coupled with the glowing feedback has been amazing.

If you would like your own store or listings reviewed, simply join eBay Underground today and leave a comment on this thread.

PLUS, join our FAN PAGE and you won't miss another news feed!

Happy eBaying!

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