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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This Week's Shopping Trip

My friends! I am so sorry to have neglected you so long. This has been a strange week, and blogging has taken a back burner. But I am back! I managed to get to Goodwill THREE times this week! And I found lots of goodies each time.

My top priority over the next couple weeks is to restock my shoes. I don't usually find more than a pair or two at a time at my Goodwill, so I was pleased to find FOUR pairs of Clarks there, and some Capezio tap shoes. Also found a turntable (half off color of the week) and yet another Alf! This is my 4th Alf, and he was the cheapest one yet at 50 cents! Total paid: $16.01

The mission on this trip was to find church shoes for my 4 year old and a plaid shirt for my 11 year old daughter's school picture. Mission accomplished, but not with the blue shirt. She already took off in the one she liked better. The shoes were too big. For eBay purposes, I found a NIP Spiderman costume, a Butterfly Gold Pyrex casserole, a beautiful (!) wool blend Rothschild coat, and the Prep School Gymboree dress and sweater. Retail for that outfit is $65! I'll never understand Gymbo moms... Total Paid for resale: $10.02

Having been there twice already this week, I needed something new to look at, so I've decided to start collecting kids' books for in lots. I'll only buy the half off color of the week, so that pile was 25 cents each. Found some goodies: Indian in the Cupboard, Magic Tree House, Last of the Mohicans ... Also some Bloch tap shoes, some I-swear-they've-never-been-worn Birkenstocks, a pair of black suede Mary Jane Keens, and the brown Softspots. These are NOT on my BOLO list, but I was drawn to them last week for some reason. Not drawn enough to pay full price though, but they were this week's half off color, so I went ahead and got them. Decided to risk $1.49. I see this brand all the time, so if they do well, it will be nice to have a new name to add to my BOLO list. Total Paid: $14.71

I really hope to get some time today to get these shoes cleaned up so I can list them. I've gotten a bit of a stash, but they won't sell sitting in my to-be-listed pile!


  1. I am a Gymbo mom - but never a full price one! I only buy from the sale racks. That Prep School dress is one I bought for my daughter last year for $12.00. I just sold it a month ago on ebay for $15 and that was without the sweater. I love that we were paid for her wearing it! I need to start picking up a few odds and ends like books...right now I'm mostly doing clothes but would love to branch out. I finally hit my goal of having 200 things in my store this week though!

  2. lol - I hope I didn't offend you! I should clarify: I'll never understand FULL-PRICE Gymbo moms! :)

  3. Not offended at ALL. I'm not obsessed or weird about the collections. I just like their style and the easy "matchie-matchieness" of it all! I should say I am a CHEAP Gymbo mom!