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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Listing Contest on eBay Underground!

Who needs a kick in the pants?! I DO! I DO!

eBay Underground is having a month-long listing contest, starting this Monday, October 3rd! To keep the playing field level, the contestants will be split into two categories: part-timers and full-timers. The goal is simple - be the contestant in your category who lists the highest number of new listings during the month of October.

The prizes haven't been decided yet. We are taking donations (see our fanpage for information on how to donate to our group Paypal account) and hope to build up a huge kitty for an awesome prize or two! There is no fee to enter, and a donation is not required to enter. But the more donations we get, the cooler the prizes.

So come on over - sign up - get your rear in gear and let's bombard eBay with a zillion new listings during October!

Oh - and thank Adrienne for running the contest!

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