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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This Week's Shopping Trip

I only had one shopping trip this week. I have GOT to get a road trip planned. My shoe inventory is getting desperately low. So I stopped into Goodwill in the hopes of finding at least a couple pairs. Well, wouldn't you know, I found zero. But I found some other goodies, so all was not lost!

I found a soft bonnet hair dryer (back left). I have another one of these listed, but no bites yet. I'm hoping a production company will buy it. I haven't tested this one yet, but it was only $1.99. And on the very next shelf, I found a hard bonnet hair dryer (back right). It was also $1.99. I have another one of these be get listed (paid $1 for it), but it needs some repair. It runs, but it doesn't blow any air out. I'll have to have my HVAC brother look at it.

I also found 3 more microwave turntables. I told my husband I wasn't going to buy anymore of these unless they were in perfect condition and didn't need cleaned. At the time, my stack of turntables was all the way up to the shelf above it, so I had no more room for any, and I refused to start a second stack. (Seriously, isn't 30 enough?)  However, I have sold quite a few of these over the last couple weeks, so I have room on my pile again. These were $1.99 each.

I was so excited to see the green box full of Alpha Omega Lifepac social studies homeschool workbooks ($4.99)! When I picked it up to look at it, I realized that the box that it was sitting on top of was full of 90+ more Lifepac workbooks!! I've sold these before with good success. These sets aren't complete (neither were my others ones), and the tests are missing, but I think for an investment of $9.99, I'll still do well!

Of course none of this stuff is listed yet, because I've been focused on getting my NWT yard sale finds listed. I'm a little over halfway done with that stuff. I hope to get it done by the weekend. Then I'll focus on this stuff and some other odds and ends. Hoping for a road trip on October 13 or 14, if everything falls into place.


Speaking of listing, have you joined our October listing contest yet? The contest started on Monday, but you can join up til the 10th.

1 comment:

  1. I hit several yard sales and got name brand clothing for a dollar a set, Striderite shoes like new for $2, Keen boot for $2, Calvin Klein sandals $2, new games for $1 and $2, Barbie bedroom suit for $2.50, gallon bag of various doll furniture for $3, and probably more. I have most of the clothes listed already. My ebay I'd is leigh10 if interested. Would post a link, but my phone hates me this morning. Lol