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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Using Terapeak for eBay Research

On eBay Underground this week, we've been talking about Terapeak. Terapeak is an awesome website that helps you research how to price your items for selling on eBay. But that's not all! It helps you build great titles. It helps you decide which categories to list your items in for maximum results. It lets you search by seller to see their sell-through rates and what items they sell. It lets you search hot sellers, to see what's selling well right now. It is truly an invaluable research tool.

A year or so ago, they had a free version. It gave you results going back 14 days. That version wasn't extremely helpful, because eBay gives you search results going back 14 days too. The difference is that Terapeak showed sell through rates, so you could tell at a glance whether you had a dud or whether you had a sure bet.  Apparently they no longer offer the free version, because I haven't been able to find it anywhere.

They offer a paid version that goes back a full year! When you do a search for an item, you can search 1 day, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 45 days, 60 days, or 90 days. You can also set a custom date range. So you do your search for 90 days. If no results come up, or if you want to look back further (back to November/December for Christmas items, for example), then you can choose to go back to the previous 90. You can do that 4 times until you've gone back a full year. This comes in very handy if it's October and you're listing a Christmas item. Going back just 90 days to July or August isn't going to give you an accurate picture of how well a Christmas item will sell in November, so you'll want to go back that full year and look at last November's sales.

Honestly, I haven't really explored all the other features that Terapeak offers. I occasionally use the seller search and the title builder, but I have a feeling Terapeak is an untapped resource that I need to play around with.


Do you use Terapeak? What are your favorite features? How should I be using it other than just doing pricing research?


  1. Hi Jessica, I'm still using the free version. Although I did sign up with my login info when it was offered for free. They have given it a major facelift.

    Jenny Young

  2. I use Terapeak mostly for checking completeds back further than I can on Ebay. For instance this season I'm looking up some things I'm listing for Valentines Day, St Patrick's Day etc.

    If I have an item that is potentially worth alot and there isn't many on Ebay to get a good feel for pricing I also use Terapeak to get a broader field. It's definitely helped me price and sell some "oddball" items. I wish it was a bit cheaper because I don't know if it's paying for itself. I have to keep better track of my sales that I have used Terapeak to price.