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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Highlights From This Week's eBay Underground Discussions

Lots of good conversation going on again this week on eBay Underground! We are up to 848 members and growing daily!!  Please keep spreading the word. Let's see if we can't hit a thousand pretty soon here!

Read all about some members' concerns and fears about making the leap to opening up an eBay store. (*Picture is not intended to poke fun - there are very valid concerns and fears involved with making that decision!)

They may not be the most attractive shoes in the world, but they sell well! Come join our discussion about selling SAS shoes.

I know nothing at all about selling silver, but there's some great conversation and tips on the board this week!

One member learned the importance of specifying the method of shipping when accepting a return for refund. She told her buyer she would reiumburse him for return shipping, and he shipped the item back via FedEx ... for $15! It's so important to be specific in our return policies!

Have you got your bookkeeping all caught up for tax time? Here is where you'll learn where to find your tax forms from Paypal.

And finally ... who knew there was such good money to be made from these ugly little things?? My 3-year-old has a whole bag full of them. I'm gradually trying to sneak them away from him one at a time. Shh! Don't tell him!


As always, if none of these topics interest you, feel free to stop by the boards and start up a topic that you'd love to learn about or that you'd love to share your knowledge about!

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