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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Correction Regarding eBay & Paypal Fees

I don't know what the deal is with blogger lately. I haven't been able to reply to any comments or post my own comments all week. My comment page keeps freezing. Argh!

Anyway ... Anonymous commented here with some excellent information. I erroneously suggested that eBay and Paypal fees could go on the Commissions & Fees line of the Schedule C. They should actually go on Line 48 (Other Expenses), which will then get totalled up and put on Line 27.

That makes a lot more sense. Part of that comment pointed out that the IRS isn't going to be too terribly picky about WHERE we put the different expenses, as long as we explain what they were. That's what Line 48 allows. There is a space on Line 48 to specify the different expenses.

Thank you, Anonymous!

And no thank you, stupid Blogger. Let me comment on my own blog!


  1. Hey! I can comment now! It wasn't stupid Blogger. It was the stupid blogger who had her cookie settings wrong :) My apologies, Blogger.

  2. Jessica,
    Thanks for clarifying this as I was the one had originally asked about it. :)