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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Are you Pinning?

Yes, I’m talking about Pinterest the online Pinboard that for some has become the addictive social sharing site.  Pinterest is described as an online Pinboard where you can organize and share the things you love. That includes your eBay wares!
Imagine posting or pinning your eBay listing on your pinboard, then another member pins, and so on.  Last week I pinned a J. Crew jacket on my pinboard and immediately it was repinned twice. Now I’ve just expanded my audience for this one item I am marketing. Who knows where that will lead or how viral it will become.

Here is my Pinterest site and I have a dedicated eBay category. It's not full yet, but I plan on using this to market some of my eBay listings as well as others.

Pinboards are divided into 3 categories - Pins, Boards and People. Doing a quick search of the word "eBay" under boards (dedicated boards that people have) produced a large list of results. Some of these boards include eBay items users are promoting, or items they are looking to purchase. Your customers may be promoting your items on their pinboards!

Here are some great links mentioned on our eBay Underground group last week including, a tutorial event on Facebook and a great article “10 Tips to get the most out Pinterest for your business”.  Check them out and happy eBaying and Pinning!


  1. Thanks for the great post! I have been slow to start on Pinterest because I'm a little confused, but this helps alot.

  2. Yes!! I've also just recently discovered the power of Pinterest. :) That's why it's becoming more important for me to take good photos so that it will appeal to my fellow pinners. Who knows, it might lead to a sale!

  3. Awesome, I guess I never thought to combine Pinterest and ebay selling! I absolutely love pinterest, and it was confusing to me at first, too! Now I love to share all the cool things I find, and I really hope it helps others out, too! I think it is important to also pin other people's stuff, because you might help them make a sale, too! I just wish you knew when somebody pinned something of yours, rather than only alerting you of repins!

  4. just had my first pinterest sale this past weekend. i also pin my blog posts and had 10 repins right away after the last post about a cool sequin dress.

  5. I joined Pinterest shortly after reading this blog. Within that time period I sold 4 items I had pinned. Not sure if this is coincidence or if the pinning helped. two items were new listings, one was about two months old and the last I had since summer. Thanks for posting this. Is it ok if I share this on my blog?

  6. I'm pinning Victorian cards with a disclaimer that the item may be sold, but a person can still click through and see the seller's other items. I think Pinterest has the potential to be a great help to Ebay sellers.

  7. Hello and thank you, I am a eBay store owner, Blogger and now a Pinner and tweeter. WOW guess i am busy. Any way your article helped a lot. Thank you and I am following your blog now as well.