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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Excuse me, "How much are these cups?"

My husband Tom and I are so much alike, we both love shopping for deals, we both are neat freaks and we both love yard sales. So the story goes a couple of weeks ago we head out super early on a Saturday morning to scout out the yard sales. I of course am looking for anything I can resell, either at my resale shop or on eBay. My husband, well he’s just looking for expensive stuff dirt cheap. We come across a promising location where there was a lot of buzz, and tons of people shopping. Three women are running this show and they are selling of all things fake stuff…fake Louis Vuitton, fake Burberry, and fake Tiffany jewelry. Oh, excuse me, “designer inspired”. Yes, you can feel my frustration. I am bummed, but I’m nosy, so I move closer to inspect. The prices are around $20-$30 for, I repeat, FAKE STUFF!

That’s when I get the psst from my husband and he gives me The Look. He holds up an antique sugar and creamer set, all sterling silver and numbered. Now this is Tom’s department, he’s naturally drawn to antiques or anything collectible and he especially loves metal items. “They’re not priced”, he says. That’s him telling me to get the price and negotiate. Now after having just witnessed the feeding frenzy and ridiculous prices over FAKE STUF, I wonder how much they will charge for these items.

Having witnessed this scene many times before, I know they care more about what prices they will get for their fakes, rather than the really expensive stuff sitting right under their noses. I ask, “Excuse, but how much are these cups?” One of the women looks up from her table, shrugs her shoulders and says, “Oh I don’t know, 50 cents?”


What a find and an eBay disappointment averted! I bought this beautiful set and at a price that no one would argue is a steal. When we got home we did a little research and saw these same sets selling on eBay from $60 on up.

Isn’t it interesting the value people will assign to one thing, yet devalue another?

Lesley for Lil*bo*tique

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