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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maternity 2 to 12

Being pregnant is not about being fat or feeling frumpy. It is a once in a lifetime event and though it won't seem like it, those 9 months go fast. So, how do you want to look? Well I've discovered I really like selling maternity clothes on eBay for two reasons. One, it's in demand right now. Two, I feel good providing a new to be mom with something she will probably wear every week. I'm providing her with those favorite jeans from the Gap, that retail for close to $80 and she buys from me for half price. It's a sweet deal!

I'm a firm believer that whether you are size 2 or a size 12 you too can look great while pregnant. Maternity clothes have come a long way in the last 15 years since I had my youngest so I find myself shopping for things I would wear "if I were pregnant".

I've noticed there is a very limited local market selling maternity clothes, they can be hard to find. I think that's why the online market is the rage, it saves the expectant mama the trouble of driving all around town, only to be discouraged when she finds something she loves and the retailer doesn't have her size in stock. Shop on eBay and your size is almost always in stock, and at the right shipping price you just can't go wrong!

Lesley for Lil*bo*tique :)

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