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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Don't Sell The Features, Sell The Results, Sell The Potential

Dear Diary,  
Sometimes I feel like pulling out my hair... how can I be effective in selling my products?  I've given the customer all the bullet points that list all the cool features!  I've included measurements, weights.. is anyone listening??  Signed, Hairless Online Seller

Dear Hairless Online Seller,  I feel your pain...  I believe the problem could be that although your product is the very best, super duper model the fact is that buyers have short attention spans, they may only give seconds to each listings they look at unless something catches their eye.  Maybe your awesome pictures will catch their eye... (we are visual creatures)... but if you really want to snag your buyer, sell them on what your product will do for THEM!  Give them a potential.. will it make them beautiful?... Efficient?....Smart?.... Excited?....Give them something to daydream about.... Help them to visualize WHY they need your product..  Signed Diary

This video selling tip is an excellent example on how to sell your product.  Apply this tip in your online sales copy or even your direct selling techniques and let us know how it works out for you!

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