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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Highlights From This Week's eBay Underground Discussions

As always, there's been a lot of activity on the Ebay Underground discussion boards this week.

I have to get my packages out in a few minutes and then head out for the day, so I don't have a lot of time to highlight all the most active threads, but here are a few that I think would be worth your time to stop by and read:

One of the most important topics going on right now is about Trademark Violations. Several members have spoken up about different things they've gotten in trouble for listing. That link goes to the general conversation about it, but there's another thread where we are compiling a list of items that people have gotten in trouble for. Be sure to read it as well to avoid getting yourself an eBay spanking.

If you've been away from eBay for awhile and are thinking about jumping back in, this is a good thread to read, all about starting over on eBay.

There has been a lot of speculation about what the new eBay Spring Seller Updates will involve. Sellers always dread these updates, because they're usually focused on making things better for the buyers, but not so much for the sellers. Hopefully this update will be different ...

I would be devastated if my one and only Goodwill went out of business, but it could be a great opportunity to stock up on clearanced inventory! Our member Ruth has a local thrift store going out of business. Read the discussion about that here.


As always, if none of these topics interest you, there are many, many others that I didn't mention. Or you can always stop by and start a new topic that interests you. We welcome all kinds of conversation, as long as it's polite :)  Hope to see you there!

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