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Friday, May 13, 2011

Fantastic Finds Friday

We want to hear all about your Fantastic Finds! This features isn't about your exciting sales. It's about your exciting finds! There are so many places to find inventory: your closet, your garage, a yard sale, thrift stores, a consignment item you're selling for someone else. What did you find this week that you are excited about? It can be something you're excited to get listed OR something you're excited to keep! You can even post to your listing, if you'd like. Free advertising!

I got another mountain of stuff from my sister-in-law this week! She brought me 31 MORE pairs of shoes, a boatload of Care Bears (1 of which sold already), and a BUNCH of odds & ends. I was MOST excited about the *SIX* pairs of Keens toddler/kids sandals! One sold already, and one went to my 3yo. The rest took top priority. Here they are!


Woo hoo I found my first Starbucks Coffee mug today.  Now to decide if I will sell it or keep it for myself!  Also, I found my first pair of Teva sandals and a kids pair of Keen sandals.  They're in the washer right now getting cleaned up.  It was a great shopping day! :)


What about you? What did you find this week? Come on over to our NEW group and chat with us!

1 comment:

  1. I found a Fire King Snoopy Sweet Treats mug No bids on it yet but I would be happy with just one bid